How To Get Copper And Iron In Moonstone Island
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How to get copper and iron in Moonstone Island

It ain't a crafting game without mining.

Some of the most common and useful resources in Moonstone Island are copper and iron. These two ores are useful for completing quests and crafting items, but where are they? Here’s how you can get copper and iron in Moonstone Island.

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Moonstone Island: Where to find copper and iron ore

Luckily, these ores aren’t too hard to find, once you know where to look. You can get copper and iron in Moonstone Island by mining them in underground caves. If you’re not sure where these are, it’s because they spawn randomly.

How To Get Copper And Iron In Moonstone Island Caves
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To trigger an underground cave to spawn, simply start chopping trees and hammering rocks. There’s a small chance that you’ll open up a hole with a ladder that leads to a cave. In each cave, there will be three chests, some Spirits, and tons of rocks.

Alongside normal rocks, you’ll find ore veins with copper and iron. There are quite a lot in just one cave, and you can return here anytime you like to collect more.

How To Get Copper And Iron In Moonstone Island Ore
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After mining them, you’ll get copper and iron ore. You can then throw them in a Furnace to smelt them into ingots. There’s also a chance when opening certain chests that you’ll earn some iron or copper ingots. But since these caves have so many, it’s the best way to farm iron and copper.

These caves can spawn on any island you find, you just have to start clearing the area to try to trigger them to spawn. There’s no real trick to it, it seems like RNG. Getting copper and iron is important, though, as you need them to upgrade your tools, as well as craft certain items. Typically, you’ll need to smelt them first before they become useful.

Once turned into ingots, you can sell them to Ferra at the Smithy for 150% of the normal price. This is one of the best ways to earn money fast in Moonstone Island.

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