How to get Energy Stones in Foamstars

How to get Energy Stones in Foamstars
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Energy Stones are sought-after resources in Foamstars and are required to create Bubble Gems. Unfortunately, it’s not too clear where to get them. With this in mind, let me show you how to get Energy Stones in Foamstars.

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What are Energy Stones in Foamstars

Energy Stones are a currency required to engage with the Bubble Gem system. We have a guide covering Bubble Gems, and I highly recommend checking it out, as you can accidentally make expensive mistakes.

This currency is pretty rare, with limited ways to obtain it, so it’s worth trying every character before you spend. I’ve already spent a few Bubble Gems on testing and regret it, so don’t make the same errors I have.

Where can I get Energy Stones in Foamstars?

How to get Energy Stones in Foamstars
Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the time of writing, there are only two ways to get Energy Stones. You can earn 25 by reaching Level 5 and a further 25 when you hit Level 10. There are also Energy Stones up for grabs on the season pass, although you must reach level 41 first. I’ve not achieved this level myself, but the battle pass description reads, “From Tier 41 onward, you’ll receive the 41+ reward repeatedly.”

You earn three Energy Stones at level 41, so you should receive that every time you level up. It’s worth mentioning that the Energy Stones are part of the free track on the Season Pass and won’t require any additional purchasing.

Are there any other ways to get Energy Stones?

I’ve thoroughly searched the menus and can’t find any other way to get Energy Stones, although we will update this guide if that changes. There is an Event page in the challenge menu that’s inaccessible on day one, but there may be some up for grabs in the future. 

If you’re enjoying Foamstars, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s an extensive Roadmap for the title. Check out our guide if you want to know more.

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