How to get Erina to the target in mission 16 of Persona 5 Tactica

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Progressing the story in Persona 5 Tactica is what you’ll be spending a lot of the runtime doing, and sometimes the mission structure can change from defeating enemies to something a bit more specific. Here’s our guide on how to get Erina to the target in mission 16 of Persona 5 Tactica.

How do you get Erina to the target in mission 16 of Persona 5 Tactica

At the start of mission 16 in Persona 5 Tactica, they will spawn an enemy behind you. My advice? Don’t worry about it. The trick for beating this mission quickly and easily is to focus on the target. Get to the target as quickly as possible, disregarding everything else.

Persona 5 Tactica Mission 16 Featured
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The steps to completing the mission

  1. Start mission 16 in Persona 5 Tactica by getting into cover by the barrel on the right-hand side, firing at the barrel above you to knock the enemy down.
  2. Move Erina up top using the ladder to her right, then as far forward as you need to be to use a weapon on the enemy in a vulnerable state below, claim the One More.
  3. Use your next turn to shoot the barrel on the far side, knocking the enemy off the platform.
  4. Dash across, and shoot the drum unit that just spawned below. After this, dash across the platform, then down the ladder, then use Arts to claim the One More on the platform above.
  5. Move to the first crate after the row of flowers, and take cover while shooting the yellow barrel that’s towards the target.
  6. Move into safe cover near the target, end turn, then move to the target in the next turn to complete mission 16 in Persona 5 Tactica!

Doing mission 16 in this way allowed me to take only four hits, meaning I got all objectives too. But that might differ depending on difficulty and luck, so if you’re after the objective, you can retry until you find the exact right path, but this method seems to be the route with the least opponents to hit you. Myself finishing with four hits makes me believe this is the intended way to get this particular objective of mission 16 in Persona 5 Tactica, too.

Persona 5 Tactica is available for purchase on Steam.

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