How to get a Fishing Pole in Coral Island

How To Get A Fishing Pole Coral Island
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A great hobby you can take up as a farmer is fishing. But first, you’ll need to discover how to get a Fishing Pole in Coral Island.

Like most farming and life sims, you have the ability to go fishing and catch a variety of fish types. You won’t start the game with a Fishing Pole, so here’s how to get one.

Coral Island: Where to get a Fishing Pole

It’s super easy to acquire this item, and you’ll only have to get through a few in-game days. You can get a Fishing Pole in Coral Island by completing the “Starting Out” quest and getting to the third day of Spring.

How To Get A Fishing Pole Coral Island Letter
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While a lot of information online says you also need to complete the ‘Home Sweet Home’ quest which asks that you repair your house, I was still in the process of that quest when I got the letter from Sunny and Eleanor to visit the Beach Shack. So my guess is that you either just have to make it to day three, or at least complete the “Starting Out” quest.

Otherwise, once you receive the letter in the mail, head down to Sunny’s Beach Shack on the beach when it’s open. You’ll then get into a dialogue-filled cutscene where Sunny and Eleanor will offer you a Fishing Pole and a Bug Net. Yes, you can also catch bugs in Coral Island. If your inventory’s full, they’ll send it to your mailbox. But otherwise, you should now have a Fishing Pole!

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Coral Island: Fishing guide

Although many video games have a fishing mechanic, they’ve all seemed to find ways to put new spins on a similar idea. Coral Island is no different. The Fishing Pole isn’t too difficult to use in Coral Island. You just have to know when to reel them in and when to stop. First, head to any body of water and hold the left-click with the Fishing Pole. You can decide how far you want to cast the rod.

How To Get A Fishing Pole Coral Island Fish
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Once it’s cast, wait until you see a fish show up and it bites the hook. Left-click and you can start holding it to reel it in. But be careful, you need to balance between reeling it in and making sure you don’t break the line.

The fish will either be calm enough for you to easily reel it, or it’ll start thrashing around. The jagged line demonstrating how close you are to breaking the line will fill faster when the fish is thrashing. Wait for the fish to calm down before you carefully reel it in. Certain fish will be tougher than others, and you need to be patient.

Once the bar fills and you reel the fish all the way in, the game will tell you the type and size of it. You’ve now caught your first fish!

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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