How to get free packs in EA Sports FC 24 by playing FIFA 23

Ea Sports Fc 24 Free Packs
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The transition to EA Sports FC 24 from FIFA 23 is looking to be a pretty seamless one, with some things carrying over from the previous game into the new release. As per usual in recent times with the EA Sports soccer games, you’ll be able to earn rewards in the next game by playing the current game in the Pre-Season for the next game. This means you can earn free packs in the lead up to the release of EA Sports FC 24 by simply playing and completing a few objectives in FIFA 23. Here’s our guide on how to get free packs in EA Sports FC 24 by playing FIFA 23.

How to get free packs in EA Sports FC 24 from FIFA 23

To be able to get some free packs in EA Sports FC 24, you’ll have to complete some objectives in FIFA 23 for a limited time. When you log into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you will need to head over to the objectives screen. After heading to the objectives screen, you should be able to see some of the Pre-Season objectives in the objectives tab. At the time of writing this, you can get a few different packs in EA Sports FC 24 for doing these FIFA 23 objectives.

Ea Sports Fc 24 Free Packs Fifa 23

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The trick for finding the objectives that will give you rewards in next year’s game are the ones that state so in the description. For example, the objective “Join The Club” states that you will gain a free pack of three Rare Gold Players from each EFIGS league in EA Sports FC 24. Some of these rewards are better than others, such as the “Join The Club II” objective, which grants a 82+ x 10 player pack in EA Sports FC 24 for completion.

These are time limited however, and the examples I have used here may not be there when you look before the release of EA Sports FC 24. However, as long as you keep an eye out, there should be a few more that give you packs in EA Sports FC 24 that pop up over the course of the Pre-Season in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is available for purchase on Steam.

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