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How to get hunter elimination streaks in Star Wars Hunters

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There are many challenges and missions to unlock and complete in Star Wars Hunters, some being more challenging than others. One of these mission types is to earn hunter elimination streaks, which can be understood in different ways.

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What are hunter elimination streaks in Star Wars Hunters?

Hunter elimination streaks may confuse some Star Wars Hunters players as this could be taken in a couple of different ways. So to clear things up, you will earn a hunter elimination streak by killing other players without dying.

So if you are required to earn a hunter elimination streak of five, that means you must eliminate five other hunters (players) without being killed. Every time you get eliminated, the streak resets.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed between each elimination either; the streak will keep going indefinitely until you yourself get eliminated.

Also, for these sorts of challenges, you can’t achieve a five hunter streak twice without dying, as that would technically be a 10 hunter streak. Although it’s impressive, the streak will keep going until you get eliminated, so bear that in mind if you’re trying to achieve these as efficiently as possible.

Getting hunter elimination streaks are certainly easier with specific hunters, so let’s get into the best ways to maintain a hunter elimination streak.

Best way to get hunter elimination streaks in Star Wars Hunters

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Getting and maintaining a hunter elimination streak in Star Wars Hunters is largely dependent on skill. There are some things you can do to make getting them easier, but ultimately, you’ll need to “git gud” if you want to score these consistently.

That being said, you can follow these tips to have an easier time.

Try to stick to casual matches to lower the intensity of your competition. Playing special game modes and ranked matches have higher chances of you meeting skilled players, who will put an end to your streak.

If you have a choice, pick a damage or tank hunter that you’re the most comfortable with. Ultimately, you’ll need to be at your best to consistently kill other players without getting eliminated yourself; so make sure to pick the hunter that you perform the best with.

There are some Hunters that have an easier time killing and staying alive, however:

  • Grozz – his ultimate ability could really rack up your streak if you angle it well enough. His healing ability also allows you to prolong your lifespan.
  • Charr – Charr is a great pick for all the same reasons as Grozz, although he performs strongly on smaller-sized maps. His limited ammo capacity could stitch him up in larger spaces.
  • Sentinel – Having a shield to prolong your life and being able to call in bodyguards will significantly increase your DPS whilst extending your life considerably.
  • Diago – When getting critical shots whilst aiming as Diago, or by using his ultimate, you can eliminate most hunters in two hits. If you position yourself correctly and have excellent aim, you could wipe out enemy hunters before they know you’re there.
  • Imara Vex – Her ultimate ability is a surefire way of scoring numerous kills very quickly with little aim needed. She is rather fragile so make sure to stay out of the way and make careful kills if you decide to play with her, however.

Again, any Hunter can pull off a hunter elimination streak if you’re good enough, but some hunters make it easier to do so. So pick your favorite, and keep practicing.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to ace this challenge and earn whatever rewards are in store. You’ll likely level up in the process, too.

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