Fortnite Hubtress Dmr Mythic
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How to get Huntress DMR Mythic and best ways to headshot opponents in Fortnite

Time to hunt.

One of my favorite weapons in Fortnite is the DMR and the new Huntress DMR is bound to be a fan favorite. Keep reading to learn where to get the regular and Mythic versions of the Huntress DMR in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Huntress DMR Location

Fortnite Mount Olympus
Image: Epic Games

Just like Gatekeeper Shotgun Mythic, Huntress DMR comes in regular rarities and Mythic. This means that you can find the white, green, blue, purple, and gold Huntress DMR as ground loot. It won’t be as powerful as the Mythic, but it’s still one of the best ranged weapons in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

Every POI in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 has a chance of having Huntress DMR. I recommend searching chests for a better chance to acquire the weapon. The more chests you search, the more opportunities you have to find a Huntress DMR.

Fortnite Huntress Dmr
Image: Epic Games

Here are the stats for the Huntress DMR in Fortnite:

  • Green Huntress DMR
    • Damage – 61
    • Critical damage – 107
    • Magazine – 7
    • Reload speed – 2.7
    • Rate of fire – 1.5
  • Blue Huntress DMR
    • Damage – 64
    • Critical damage – 112
    • Magazine – 7
    • Reload speed – 2.6
    • Rate of fire – 1.5
  • Purple Huntress DMR
    • Damage – 67
    • Critical damage – 117
    • Magazine – 7
    • Reload speed – 2.4
    • Rate of fire – 1.5
  • Orange Huntress DMR
    • Damage – 70
    • Critical damage – 122
    • Magazine – 7
    • Reload speed – 2.3
    • Rate of fire – 1.5
  • Mythic Zeus’ Huntress DMR
    • Damage – 75
    • Critical damage – 131
    • Magazine – 7
    • Reload speed – 2.2
    • Rate of fire – 1.5

How to Get the Huntress DMR Mythic in Fortnite

Fortnite Zeus Boss Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The only way to get the Huntress DMR Mythic is to defeat Zeus at Mount Olympus. Zeus is a boss that you can challenge and defeat at the Mount Olympus POI. Defeating him will get you the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Huntress DMR. The weapon is based on Artemis, which is a skin you can unlock, but Huntress DMR is acquired from Zeus which I think is strange.

You can attempt to defeat Zeus solo, but it will be difficult. It’s Zeus, after all. Instead, I recommend fighting him with one, two, or three teammates. The more teammates you have, the faster you’ll defeat Zeus. It’s important to defeat Zeus fast because it keeps the window of getting third partied small. When Zeus is defeated, you’ll get Huntress DMR Mythic and Thunderbolt of Zeus.

Once you have the Huntress DMR, the best way to get headshots is to keep your distance and play safe. Don’t rush into battle but instead wait in a high place that has lots of cover. When enemies approach, you can pick them off one by one by landing headshots from the safety of your high vantage cover.

Huntress DMR is, without a doubt, going to be a hot weapon this season. It’ll compete with Nemesis AR and Reaper Sniper Rifle, but I think it’ll be better considering how versatile it is for mid and long-range fights. Those are popular in any Fortnite mode. Keep a Harbinger SMG in your inventory and you’re prepared for anything.

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