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How to get Harbinger SMG Mythic in Fortnite

The Harbinger of Doom.

With every new update and season of Fortnite comes new weapons, skills, and fun activities to get knee-deep into. Now, with Chapter 5, Season 2, upon us, the new big thing is guns made for the gods. If you want to get ahead in Fortnite, you’ll need to find the furiously fast-firing Harbinger Mythic SMG.

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How to find the Harbinger Mythic SMG

Getting your hands on the Mythinc versions of weapons in Chapter 5, Season 2 of Fortnite, will give you a serious edge over your opponents. However, getting your hands on them isn’t going to be easy. It is also worth bearing in mind that you won’t be the other one. I suggest grabbing yourself a pair of the Wings of Icarus to get there much quicker.

To get the Harbinger Mythic SMG, you need to head to the Underworld and fight the God of Hell himself. This is going to be no easy battle, so I suggest loading up with some serious firepower and shields first. If possible, head into the Underworld with a whole squad.

To find Hades, you have to head into the Underworld, located in the northwest part of the map near Grim Gate. Once you reach The Underworld, look for the tower in the center; here, you will find Hade’s Throneroom. You must use his altar, positioned in the center of the room, to summon him and begin the fight.

How To Get Harbinger Smg Mythic In Fortnite
Image: Epic Games

Once you have finally defeated the God of the Underworld, you should find that the Harbinger Mythic SMG has dropped. You can now head back out into Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 and spray bullets directly from hell into your opponents.

How to use the Harbinger Mythic SMG

Every gun has its ups and downs, but few have the power of hell imbued in their very bullets. The Mythic Harbing SMG has rapidly increasing blood and recoil, but in short bursts at the short-mid range, it is devastating. The Harbinger Mythic SMG has a shorter range than the all-new Mythic Wingforged Assault Rifle. However, you can expect to get better damage over distance than Fortnites new Gatekeeper Shotgun. You can use this as the perfect midpoint between the two.

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