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Nightfall is an incredibly good Long Gun, in fact, people are saying it’s the best weapon in Remnant 2. While the Long Gun is really strong, what makes Nightfall amazing is its Weapon Mod, Dreadwalker, which gives you infinite ammo for 10 seconds, 10% Lifesteal, a 35% increase in fire rate, and the weapon becomes fully automatic. If you want to make Remnant 2 a bit easier, you need to get Nightfall — here’s how.

Note: While Nightfall might be the best Long Gun in Remnant 2, you can find the MP60-R SMG which is the best Hand Gun in the game to have the ultimate combo.

How to unlock Nightfall in Remnant 2

The only way to get Nightfall in Remnant 2 is to get to Losomn, which is an area you can’t start out in, so rerolling you campaign to get Losomn is out of the question. Find the final area in Losomn and encounter the final boss, the Nightweaver.

After defeating the Nightweaver, which may take a few tries, you’ll complete the Losomn questline and get one Cursed Dream Silk, seven Lumenite Crystal, and 1,000 Scrap. While you can get Scrap and Lumenite Crystal anywhere, you can only get the Cursed Dream Silk by defeating Nightweaver.

With one Cursed Dream Silk, seven Lumenite Crystal, and 1,000 Scrap, you can return to Ward 13 and talk to Ava McCabe. Once in the menu, you can craft Nightfall with the materials you have. And now, you have one of the best guns in Remnant 2.

How to defeat Nightweaver in Remnant 2

Though I haven’t personally encountered Nightweaver, I’ve collected the necessary information to help you defeat Nightweaver. This boss has two phases: the flying phase and a crawling phase.

The harder phase is the flying phase as Nightweaver is harder to shoot. However, stay persistent and watch out for its attacks. Dodge her aerial lung attacks, her slow icicle attacks, and the exploding blue orbs and you’ll be in good shape.

After dealing enough damage, you’ll start the crawling phase. The same tactics apply: dodge her forward attacks at you and shoot any bugs or traps Nightweaver creates. I’ve also seen people use the environment to their advantage, so you might want to try that tactic. After dealing enough damage, you’ll defeat Nightweaver and be able to craft Nightfall. With that done, you can try your luck at beating the Labyrinth Sentinel boss.

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