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Starfield is a much more grounded experience than games like Mass Effect. Meaning, the story is somewhat realistic and you won’t be interacting with aliens as much. However, the one aspect both of these games share is that you can acquire supernatural abilities. Yes, you can get powers in Starfield that can enhance many mechanics such as combat. Upon getting my first power, I was hit with a wave of excitement because now gameplay has a new element. Things can get a little more interesting. Since this component in Starfield is poorly explained, this guide will show you how to get powers. 

Starfield: How to get powers. 

There are a ton of powers to collect in the game. Depending on how you’re playing, you may want to check out this guide on the best powers in Starfield. Getting your first power is easy since it’s part of the main story mission “Into the Unknown”. Here you’ll be required to go to a temple on a remote planet, and while inside the structure, hit the light bubbles in the air causing the circular object in the center of the room to speed up for each hit. This will get you your first power which causes enemies to rise in the air helplessly, allowing you to shoot them while they can’t fight back. 

Before moving on, note that you must do the “Into the Unkown” mission first to get more powers

The process of getting more powers is similar to the one above. First, find an artifact that will lead you to a temple. Once inside the temple, repeat the process of hitting the light bubbles making the object in the middle of the room accelerate.  

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All powers in Starfield

At the time of writing this guide, there are around 24 powers you can earn through Starfield. They are:

  • Anti-Gravity Field – Creates an area of low gravity to suspend enemies.
  • Alien Reanimation – Bring back dead aliens to life and they fight for you.
  • Create Vacuum – Blocks O2 supply to any nearby enemies.
  • Creator’s Peace – Disarms any nearby enemies.
  • Earthbound – Changes to gravity around you to Earth’s.
  • Elemental Pull – Any inorganic resource gets pulled towards you.
  • Eternal Harvest – Flora that has been picked will regrow.
  • Gravity Well – Creates an area of gravity that pulls anything towards it, and crushes it.
  • Gravity Wave – When you launch a projectile gravity attack, you stagger enemies.
  • Inner Demon – Cause enemies to attack themselves by creating a mirror image of them.
  • Life Force – Take life away from your enemies.
  • Moon Form – By not moving, you’ll take less damage.
  • Particle Beam – A projectile attack that deals heavy damage.
  • Parallel Self – Make a decoy of yourself so enemies can attack it.
  • Personal Atmosphere – Brings back oxygen.
  • Phased Time – Time is slowed down.
  • Precognition –  See what the NPC will due in the future for combat and dialogue.
  • Reactive Sheild – Creates a shield around you.
  • Sense Star Stuff – Allows you to detect any nearby life.
  • Sunless Space – Attack enemies with a ball of ice freezing any enemy nearby
  • Solar Flare – Burn enemies with a burst of fire energy.
  • Supernova – Send out a burst of high explosive damage. When this happens, you deal damage to everything near you minus your companion.
  • Void Form – Become invisible.

Earthbound powers

You can also get Earthbound Powers which uses 15 energy as opposed to the normal powers that use more of the gauge. These powers change the gravity around you to Earth’s level. If you’re creating a build such as a stealth one, these powers could make it better. To get Earthbound powers, discover anomalies, and collect artifacts. Then head to Volii Epsilon planet in the Volii Star System. The system is located just below the Olympus Star System. Upon reaching the planet, navigate to Temple Epsilon, this will allow you to unlock an Earthbound Power. But before heading off and getting an Earthbound Power, make sure your ship has a good Grav Drive, the Star System is out there.

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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