How To Get Siphon Of Anguish Unique In Last Epoch
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How to get Siphon of Anguish Unique in Last Epoch

A Unique Gold Ring.

One of many Unique items in Last Epoch is the Siphon of Anguish, but how can you get this Ring? Based on the Gold Ring, the Siphon of Anguish can increase Elemental Resistance, Movement Speed, and more. Here’s how to collect it for yourself.

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Last Epoch: How to get Siphon of Anguish

With a requirement of level 55, how you can get the Siphon of Anguish Unique in Last Epoch is from The Shade of Orobyss. This enemy has a decent chance of dropping this Unique Ring, and you can find them in the Monolith of Fate.

The Shade is a strong enemy you can find in this endgame area for Last Epoch, and it’s a type of dungeon you can run multiple times for the chances of gaining exceptional loot. You’ll specifically find The Shade at Echo of A World nodes.

How To Get Siphon Of Anguish Unique In Last Epoch Shade Orobyss
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In the Monolith of Fate, you can complete nodes for rewards. Defeating The Shade can be difficult, as it has one of five possible forms. It’ll have Void attacks, as well as abilities based on its form. Upon defeating The Shade, you have the chance of these drops:

  • Apathy’s Maw
  • Omnis
  • Shattered Chains
  • Siphon of Anguish
  • Stymied Fate

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While some of the rarer drops require Corruption (defeating certain enemies like The Shade can add Corruption to your timeline and increase item rarities and monster levels), Siphon of Anguish is a much more common drop from this creature.

What’s so special about this Siphon of Anguish anyway? Well, other than selling for 250 gold, here are the stats of this Unique Gold Ring:

  • 5-18% increased Elemental Resistance
  • %(1-3) of Melee Damage Leeched as Health
  • %(1-3) of Void Damage Leeched as Health
  • %(10-30) increased Leech Rate
  • %(3-8) increased Movement Speed
  • %(10-30) chance to apply Doom on Hit
  • %(10-30) Void Penetration with Doom

You gain the Leech effect on Melee and Void Damage, all while increasing your Leech Rate overall. Also, you move faster, and your Elemental Resistance rises, making this Unique incredibly useful. Although this Ring aids the Doom ailment, you should also learn more about the Damned ailment in Last Epoch.

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