How to get the Celestial Nighthawk in Destiny 2
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How to get the Celestial Nighthawk in Destiny 2

Turn any opponent into ashes.

The Celestial Nighthawk is an iconic piece of armor and is better than ever in The Final Shape. If you’re a Hunter, you need this helmet, so let me show you how to get the Celestial Nighthawk in Destiny 2.

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Where to get the Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Exotic in Destiny 2

It’s never been easier to snag a Celestial Nighthawk helmet. First, pick the Hunter class, head to the Tower, and speak to Master Rahool. Use his Focused Decoding service and choose Red War Helm Decryption.

How to get the Celestial Nighthawk in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can purchase the Celestial Nighthawk from the menu if you have the following items.

  • Exotic Engram x1
  • Enhancement Prism x10
  • 30,000 Glimmer

If you’re playing as a Hunter, every Exotic Engram you decode can become the Celestial Nighthawk, but purchasing outright removes any RNG. There’s always a chance that Xur will stock the helmet on his weekly visits if you prefer to pay with Strange Coins.

Is the Celestial Nighthawk good in Destiny 2?

If you’re a new player or a novice Hunter, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. The Celestial Nighthawk changes how your Solar Super works and is incredible for PvE content.

Instead of firing three Golden Gun shots, you’ll fire one big one. This shot inflicts ridiculous damage and can make a dent in bosses regardless of the content difficulty. If you’re still not convinced, it gets even better, thanks to a specific Final Shape exotic.

The Still Hunt Sniper Rifle fires three Golden Gun shots after you’ve charged it. If you’re a Celestial Nighthawk Hunter, it has the same effect on the rifle as your Super ability. This combination means you have two ways to trigger one of the highest damage attacks in the entire game.

The only downside of the Celestial Nighthawk is you should take it off for PvP. You can kill enemy Guardians with a regular Golden Gun shot, and you’ll often score three kills with your Super. Having one extra-powerful shot is a waste, so make sure you use something else.

If you’re looking to power yourself up even further, make sure you’re using your Hunter’s Journal to the fullest. There are some powerful perks up for grabs, and the game doesn’t prompt you to use them.

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