How to get the Crimson Guard Set in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 - Secrets of the Red Empress: All storylines, rewards and loot
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Remnant 2 is full of collectibles that you can get as you progress through the game, defeating enemies, taking down bosses, and obtaining rare loot. There are lots of stats to keep in mind when making a character build, but coolness is important too – and the Crimson Guard Set looks fearsome!

The set does require you to unlock the Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC, but once you’ve got that you can get right to obtaining it! Here’s how you can do that.

How can you obtain the Crimson Guard Set in Remnant 2?

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I mean, just look at the image above. Doesn’t the Crimson Guard set look absolutely menacing? To look this rad, you’ll need to defeat the One True King in combat since that’s the first step in starting this chain of events. You can find him in the Chamber of the Faithless, which is located in Losomn. After you’ve done the deed, you’ll need to obtain three Crimson King Coins, which you can get by defeating Teleport Fae within the Gilded Chambers location. This shouldn’t take too long and is definitely easier than taking down the boss you’ve just bested.

After that, travel to the endpoint of the Gilded Chambers location and you’ll come upon the Red Prince, who has crossed over from the original Remnant 2 game to make an appearance in the Awakened King DLC. Offer him tribute by way of giving him the three Crimson King Coins you’ve obtained. Then, you’re going to experience a short cutscene before being taken out by some fire spirits. You’ll respawn, and the only thing you need to do now is head back to the Chamber of the Faithless where you fought the One True King a little while ago. The Red Prince will have taken his place, and he’ll gift you the Crimson Guard armor set after a short conversation. Congratulations!

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