How to get Superhuman in Blox Fruits

How to get the Gods Chalice in Blox Fruits

Sip from the cup of Gods.

With a current thumbs-up rating of over 4 million, Blox Fruits from Roblox has got a lot of people talking. The vast open world is akin to that of the famed anime One Piece. Hundreds of attack styles, power-ups, and weapons are available to players with the know-how and patience to play. Adventure awaits across the three seas as you collect items and defeat foes to become the ultimate killing machine. One of the more common items needed late game is the Gods Chalice in Blox Fruits. It is used in several challenges and has a rare drop rate.

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What is the Gods Chalice in Blox Fruits?

The Gods Chalice is a rare special item with a very low drop rate but is essential for two significant challenges. First, if you want to complete the Dough Fruit awakening, you will need a Gods Chalice and some Coco to summon the Deamon King.

Second, you will need a Gods Chalice to take on Indra. The Gods Chalice is used to summon Indra and get you in with a chance to acquire the Dark Dagger. This little weapon has phenomenal power but a minuscule drop chance.

How to get the God Chalice in Blox Fruits

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How to get the Gods Chalice

The three ways to acquire the Gods Chalice will require patience.

  • First, you can get out there and start killing Elite Pirates. They have a 2% chance of dropping the Gods Chalice.
  • Second, you can visit the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea and chat with the Gravestone for a massive 1% chance of receiving the Gods Chalice in Blox Fruits. You are only able to pray at night and have a 20-minute cooldown.
  • Finally, you can collect the Gods Chalice from a chest. This has the lowest drop rate of the three options. Finding the Chalice from a chest will award the player the ‘Chosen One’ title.


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