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How to get the Merchant Lander in Lightyear Frontier

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Things can get a bit alone in Lightyear Frontier if you are going exploring solo. However, that will change and you will get to enjoy interplanetary capitalism as well! Here is how to get the Merchant Lander in Lightyear Frontier.

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Lightyear Frontier: How to get the Merchant Lander

Getting certain resources in Lightyear Frontier will require you to travel a significant distance across the new world. Thankfully, there is a solution for that in the form of a Merchant Lander. As its name indicates, this will be a platform construct in which a Merchant will be able to land their ship. You will then be able to purchase certain resources that you would otherwise need to search for in the wilderness. However, to unlock the ability to build the Merchant Lander, you will first need to restore Pine Heights. This involves cleaning all the noxious slime across the area with the help of your Irrigation Hose.

Lightyear Frontier Merchant Lander
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Once you do, you will be able to build the Merchant Lander at any appropriate ground. However, before you leave Pine Heights, be sure to look for Red Crystals. You will need three of those alongside five pieces of Stone and four Aluminum Rods. These Red Crystals are available in the northwestern part of Pine Heights, so pick them up and feed some Stalktails while you are at it.

Lightyear Frontier Red Crystals Location
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Lightyear Frontier Red Crystals
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Once you collect all the necessary resources to create the Merchant Lander, it is time to build it and…play the waiting game. The Merchant works on a tidy schedule and will not entertain your buy and sell needs immediately. You will have to wait approximately one day before the Merchant arrives. The Merchant will also stay for about a day and will leave afterward, repeating the cycle again but with different items to sell.

Lightyear Frontier Merchant
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Once the Merchant arrives, always check what resources are available for you to purchase. You will also greatly benefit from picking up resources and other items of interest so you can sell them in exchange for cash. You can also visit the Economics tab to see how your items’s value changes from day to day.

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