How to get The Monarch Rifle in Remnant 2

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The first Remnant 2 DLC has been released, and with it, six new weapons to find and enjoy in the multi-world game. The Monarch Rifle in Remnant 2 is a monster and looks just as good as it feels. It’s not overly complex to get, unlike some things in the game.

Earning the Monarch in Remnant 2

Getting the Monarch Rifle requires you to get hold of the Agony Spike. Like many weapons in this game, you will need a material to forge it. Also, like a lot of the weapons, depending on how you defeat the boss determines what materials you get.

To get the Agony Spike, you must kill the One True King without destroying the hammer. This will yield the Remnant 2 material you need to bring to McCabe for the Monarch rifle. While fighting the boss, it is important that you don’t destroy the hammer. So, I would recommend not using AoE weapons and instead focusing damage on the boss itself.

Remnant 2 Monarch
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A bit about the Monarch rifle

As usual, Remanant 2 has come up with a fantastically unique weapon with a wicked mod. The Monarch is a long gun that shoots slow-moving energy bolts. The slow movement is made up by the incredibly high rate of fire and 60 bullets per magazine.

However, what really makes the Monarch almost too overpowered in Remnant 2 is the mod it comes equipped with. Chain of Command shoots one harpoon into an enemy, which then turns every follow-up shot into a homing bullet. Land that harpoon and watch bosses disintegrate. The shots will also pierce through anything, including enemies, to get to their target. This means you can shoot through multiple enemies.

With maintained damage, the Monarch gains Influence. Once this bar fills, it grants the wielder a 20% damage increase and infinite damage for 20 seconds. The Monarch is definitely a weapon you want to get your hands on in Remnant 2.

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