How to Hide and Survive a Hunt in Demonologist

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Surviving a hunt in Demonologist can be difficult, even if you’re playing with friends. The anxiety-driven feel of the game adds tension which could make things harder. Demonologist as a whole is difficult, and doing things like getting the ghost to blow a candle must be done properly. You have to be ahead of the ghost in most cases. In order to have a successful session, follow along with this guide on how to hide and survive a hunt in Demonologist.

Demonologist: How to hide and survive a hunt

When you’re being hunted, you have to escape the ghost that’s chasing you — this can be done in various ways. The first way is by using a crucifix, when you use this item you won’t have to run away as much. However, if you don’t have that option, there’s another way.

Simply running away won’t do anything, you’ll need to hide. Depending on what map you’re playing, looking out for these spots beforehand could help out.

When a hunt begins, all doors going to the outside will be locked — so you can’t escape. When you’re on the run, start looking for dark spots in the map so the ghost can’t see you. Once you’ve found a spot, wait it out. There’s no telling how long the ghost will search for you — just be still while it’s looking.

As mentioned before, if you have a crucifix you don’t need to do the steps above. In order to to get one, go to the shop — purchase it and equip it in your hand. When the ghost starts hunting you, the crucifix will prevent you from dying — and could have an instant revive.

Also, bear in mind the crucifix is for one-time.

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Why does the ghost start to hunt?

This event only happens in Demonologist when your sanity is dangerously low, you can avoid being hunted in general by managing that. Another way to keep your sanity up is by looking for sanity pills, or by not spending too much time in dark areas.

A demo for Demonologist is available now via Steam.

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