Which Mask Should You Choose In Soulmask
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Which mask should you choose in Soulmask? Civilization, Conquest, Rich

Not just for masquerades.

At the start of your journey in Soulmask, you’re tasked with choosing one out of three masks. These masks determine your build and playstyle, so which mask should you choose in Soulmask between Civilization, Conquest, and Rich?

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Soulmask: Which mask should you choose?

It’s hard to say which mask is best out of the three since each of them is for different styles of players. You may also want to choose a different mask from your friends while playing Soulmask in multiplayer mode, which makes this a tough decision. You should choose Civilization if you prefer a tank playstyle, Conquest for sneaky rogue players, and Rich if you enjoy ranged combat.

Which Mask Should You Choose In Soulmask Civilization
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Civilization Mask

  • Stamina Surge: Max Stamina +5, Max Load +10.
  • Deep Sleep: Morale Recovery Speed +50% (when sleeping).
  • Critical Barrier: DMG to the head -10%.
  • Outer Armor: Body’s DMG taken -5%.
  • Sequence Protection: DEF +10.
  • Healer Mode (Mimicry): Triggers emergency rescue when receiving high-frequency attack; the higher the frequency, the more HP restored.
    • Microscopic Repair (Active): When activated, the mask releases microscopic repair units to slowly fix the body by recovering HP by five every second.

For players who would rather play a beefy character with healing capabilities and a strong defense, choose Civilization. This mask may be the more popular of the three simply because it upgrades the game’s basic abilities.

It’s a well-rounded mask for players new and old to the survival genre, and there’s no downside to picking it over the others. Once you repair these abilities, you’ll be unstoppable.

Which Mask Should You Choose In Soulmask Conquest
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Conquest Mask

  • Falling Buffer: Fall DMG reduced by 10%.
  • Noise Absorption: Noise -10%.
  • Forbidden Territory: Awareness EXP gained from killing humanoid creatures 5%.
  • Light Disturbance: Concealment +10%.
  • Hidden Assault: DMG dealt when attacking a target from behind +10%.
  • Slayer Mode (Mimicry): Each attack grants a 1.5% Lifesteal effect in Mimicry mode.
    • Critical Strike (Active): When launching attacks against key parts of a creature, has a 20% chance to quickly reduce the target’s Resilience.

Conquest is more targeted toward players who prefer classes and builds in games revolving around sneak attacks from the shadows. This mask will allow you to gain the advantage of sneaking up to humanoid targets instead of rushing in on them head-on like the Civilization mask would encourage.

If you typically go for this sort of build in other games, I’d recommend you try the Conquest mask. You also have to agree that gaining health through every attack with the Mimicry ability is pretty sweet.

Which Mask Should You Choose In Soulmask Rich
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Rich Mask

  • Data Analysis: Optimizes accuracy of Life Perception’s information processing ability, enabling real-time perception of the distance from the target.
  • Projectile Adjustment: Arrow precision +10%.
  • Hunting Guide: Awareness EXP from killing non-humanoids 5%.
  • Poison Injection: Makes arrows pierce through weak spots with poison smeared on the arrow dealing +30% DMG to creatures.
  • Deeply Focused: Stamina Cost -5%.
  • Sniping Mode (Mimicry): DMG dealt by bows +15%.
    • Weak Spot Analysis (Active): Analyzes target’s weak spot and gain a higher chance to hit weak spots when attacking, with Crit +5%.

While the Conquest mask is focused more on hunting humanoids, the Rich mask is for players who prefer to hunt animals with ranged attacks. If you typically go for an archer or ranger class in games, the Rich mask is perfect for you.

With a focus more on hunting animals, you’ll have a much easier time gathering meat and other materials from animals. Your Mimicry also aids you in targeting weak spots for a boost of damage.

Hopefully, this guide was able to help you pick the right mask in Soulmask. Another thing you may be wondering about is whether or not Soulmask can run on Steam Deck.

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