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How to increase Chef Level in Wuthering Waves

Serve's up!

Increasing your Chef Level in Wuthering Waves will grant you a ludicrous amount of rewards, and will fill your tummy at the same time. I would suggest not to sleep on this, as your Chef Level could prove rather lucrative.

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How to level up your Chef Level in Wuthering Waves

Leveling up your Chef Level will be a passive process for most in Wuthering Waves, but I would say it’s worth actively thinking about considering how good the rewards are.

Every time you cook a meal (not an ingredient), you’ll gain Proficiency, which will directly contribute to your Chef Level. As you gain Proficiency, you’ll level up your Chef Level and get rewarded at certain milestones. Note that the more demanding a dish is, the more Proficiency you’ll get from it.

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Each dish will only be able to net you so much Proficiency, however, so you can’t farm the same meal ad nauseum to fast track your Chef Levels. The max amount of Proficiency one meal can get you is listed next to how much Proficiency it gives you: at the top of the meal’s description.

Also, the amount of Proficiency given and the max Proficiency a meal can give do not necessarily correlate. For example, the Loong Whiskers Crips provides +20 Proficiency, and the Stra Flakes provides +40 Proficiency, but they both can only provide a maximum of 400 Proficiency each.

It will take 6,000 Proficiency to max out the Chef Levels, which will mean you’ll have to really make some meals and go out of your way to unlock others. It’s worth it though, as the meals in Wuthering Waves can be really quite helpful.

All Chef Level rewards in Wuthering Waves

The only incentive to increase your Chef Level is the rewards you get from doing so. Here is a comprehensive list of all the rewards you’ll get for each level, as well as what it takes to get there.

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Note that points carry on when you reach a milestone, they don’t reset, so the gaps between levels aren’t as big as they may seem.

Cooking RankProficiency RequiredRewards
Apprentice0 (you start at this rank)None (you start at this rank)
Assistant Chef500Spicy Pulled Chicken Recipe, Refreshment Tea Recipe, 50 Astrite, 3 Medium Resonance Potions, and 10000 Shell Credits
Sous Chef1500Poached Chicken Recipe, Spicy Meat Slides Recipe, 50 Astrite, 3 Medium Energy Cores, and 10000 Shell Credits
Head Chef3000Rising Loong Recipe, Shuyun Herbal Tea Recipe, 50 Astrite, 3 Advanced Resonator Potions, and 20000 Shell Credits
Top Chef6000Jinzhou Maocai Recipe, Candied Caltrops Recipe, 50 Astrite, 3 Advanced Energy Cores, and 20000 Shell Credits

Now that you’re all clued up about Chef Levels in Wuthering Waves, you can go out there and mock up a feast. Although the food items aren’t the only way to heal your party.

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