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How to increase your max Stamina in Wuthering Waves

Just gotta do some classic training.

In Wuthering Waves, you’ll need Stamina to pull off advanced combat skills as well as to get around when gliding and climbing. You’ll ideally want to increase your Stamina in Wuthering Waves to become better at basically everything.

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How to get and use Force Release Components in Wuthering Waves

Increasing your stamina is important in Wuthering Waves (WuWa) as you’ll be able to chain together more skills and combos to defeat your opponents quicker.

One of the only ways to increase your max Stamina in WuWa is by getting Force Release Components.

Force Release Component Wuthering Waves
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Force Release Components are obtained by leveling up the Data Bank, and despite being consumables that you claim, they are used immediately upon claiming them. So every time you level up your Data Bank, head on over to the Data Bank to claim your Force Release Component, and your max Stamina will increase by ten points permanently automatically.

Note that this is a finite resource, as Force Release Components are only rewarded for the first ten levels of your Data Bank in WuWa. This means it’s only possible to increase your maximum Stamina by 100 points, at least for now.

We start with 140 Stamina points, so this means we can grow our Stamina pool to 240 points, allowing for almost double the combos and skills used in succession, and almost double the glider distance.

How to level up Data Bank in Wuthering Waves

To level up your Data Bank in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to claim new Echoes. There is no other way around it. As you go around defeating Tacet Discords, you’ll notice faint Echoes being left behind. Claiming them will give you their Echo, and some Data Bank EXP.

The EXP earned from each new Echo scales with its rarity and type, so the more powerful an Echo you absorb, the more Data Bank EXP you’ll receive.

Echo Wuthering Waves
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In my experience, I’ve gained one Echo from a random TD in each group of enemies consistently. So going around and defeating the Tacet Discords on sight in WuWa is the way to go. Go out of your way to tackle new powerful and dangerous foes to fast-track this process.

Again, repeat Echoes will not give you Data Bank EXP, so you’ll need to explore the world to find new Tacet Discords. If you see a creature that you don’t have the Echo of, you should immediately try to defeat them. There are 208 Echoes in total, and you don’t need to find them all to max out your Stamina, so don’t sweat it too much.

Also, note that some enemies have smaller or bigger versions of themselves. Both variants will have an Echo, so make sure you’ve got them both!

Now that you know all about increasing your Stamina in Wuthering Waves, make sure you know everything there is to know about those Echoes you’ll be collecting.

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