How to inflict Status Conditions in XDefiant
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How to inflict Status Conditions in XDefiant

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It may come as a surprise, but there are status ailments in XDefiant. Not only that but they are also required to unlock some equipment. Let me show you how the system works and how to inflict Status Conditions in XDefiant.

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What is a Status Condition in XDefiant?

There are several status conditions in XDefiant, which are usually inflicted with equipment. While most status conditions don’t deal damage, they typically give you the advantage in a gunfight. 

You can disorientate enemies with items like Flash Grenades. While your opponent suffers from the effects, they are classified as having a Status Condition. While I’ve not tested it in depth, I’m confident that burning also counts.

Status Conditions are not permanent and will fix themselves through time.

How to inflict Status Conditions in XDefiant

The easiest way to inflict Status Conditions is with the EMP Grenade. This item will be the first throwable most players will unlock, as you only need to deal 400 damage with Grenades to unlock it. The EMP blast radius is pretty large, and you’ll catch players around high-traffic areas like objectives. 

How to inflict Status Conditions in XDefiant
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Flash Grenades are another solid option, although you do need to defeat 20 enemies suffering from Status Conditions to unlock them. You don’t need to inflict the condition yourself, although it’s hard to set up without your own.

If you’re struggling with aiming your throwables, try a Sensitivity Converter, which can help make XDefiant feel like your other shooting games.

Should I use Lethal or Tactical equipment in XDefiant?

Frag Grenades are fantastic for finishing off opponents and flushing out campers but don’t sleep on your tactical options. A well-placed Flash Grenade can incapacitate entire groups, and an EMP can deal with pesky enemy equipment.

Ultimately, there’s no definitive answer, and it boils down to the game mode and playstyle

XDefiant’s default settings should feel fine for most players, but you can change several vital options. It’s a good idea to tinker with your settings when the game is new, and everyone is still learning.

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