How to join Freestar Collective Rangers in Starfield

Starfield Freestar Collective Rangers Deputy Uniform And Hat
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You’ll explore a lot of planets in Starfield, and the possibilities are thrilling. Some of the game’s most memorable moments take place in less expansive environments, though. Even out among the stars, people find ways to make life difficult for one another. Law and order must be restored, and the Freestar Collective Rangers help with that effort. Here is our guide telling you how to join the Freestar Collective Rangers in Starfield.

Starfield – how to join Freestar Collective Rangers

Since the galaxy is filled with space pirates, smugglers, and thieves, things can get dark in a hurry. Fortunately, there are people looking out for the downtrodden. If you join the Freestar Collective Rangers, you can be one of those noble individuals. To join the Freestar Collective Rangers, help stop a bank robbery in Akila City and then complete a probationary mission posted on the local mission board.

Starfield Marshal Daniel Blake

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Job Gone Wrong

The first time you visit Akila City in the Cheyenne system, meet Marshal Daniel Blake. The man stands near some of his deputies, looking toward a GalBank building to the right. The building is barricaded. If you talk to Daniel, you learn members of a local gang have taken hostages. This marks the start of the Job Gone Wrong mission.

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Offer to help Daniel. You won’t have to work very hard to talk him into it, because the would-be robbers don’t trust the law. After agreeing to help, approach the building. There is an intercom to the left of the door. Interact with it to speak with the robbers. At this point, you have several options to proceed.

I decided I wanted a peaceful resolution, so I introduced myself and asked after the condition of the hostages. I used my Persuasion skills to talk the bandits into surrendering without a fight and without trying to secure an escape ship. Daniel had already made it clear that wasn’t an option. The negotiation approach saved lives.

Starfield Mission Board At The Rock In Akila City

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A mission for Emma Wilcox

After you successfully complete Job Gone Wrong, talk to Daniel again. Doing so activates the Deputized mission. He suggests that you talk to Emma Wilcox at the nearby building, The Rock.

Go to The Rock building, which is easy to find. The game directs you to it with the usual blue beacon. You’ll find Emma Wilcox sitting at a table. Explain your interest in joining. She’s willing to give you a chance, but first you have to complete a mission at the Mission Board.

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The board presents four options. They range in difficulty, with higher rewards offered for more intense assignments. Kill the Outlaw Gang Leader on Dionysus is a challenging mission. For me, the target was at level 24, four levels above me. I suggest that you pick a simpler option, Rescue Hostage at Beta Andraste I-C. That’s especially true if, like me, you’ve dedicated most of your skill points to skills used outside combat.

Starfield Freestar Collective Rangers New Deputy Rewards

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Welcome to the Freestar Collective Rangers

Once you clear the probationary mission, return to The Rock. You will meet with Emma Wilcox again. She is pleased with your performance and takes you to talk to Daniel. He now waits in his office.

In the meeting with Daniel, answer, ‘Absolutely, Marshal.‘ He’ll swear you in and hand over some loot: Deadeye (a powerful pistol), Freestar Deputy Badge, Deputy Hat, and the Ranger Deputy Uniform (it improves reload speed by 5%).

Technically, you are now a member of the Freestar Collective Rangers. However, the Deputized mission continues. Emma now joins you for the next part of the assignment, which takes you to Waggoner Farm. You can complete it whenever.

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