‘How to kill a Witcher’ in The Witcher 2

As you may have read in our weekly Incoming! article, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is due for release tomorrow. What better time for the game’s guards to ask how the heck you kill a Witcher.
It’s a bit of a clever meta-trailer, this, with the commander of a rag-tag squadron of guards first announcing to-camera that this is more Witcher 2 gameplay footage, before questioning the soldiers on their Witcher-busting knowledge. Turns out, they don’t have many good ideas.
It also turns out that the best way to counter the multi-talented Geralt is to get him on the magic barfly sauce and push him over.
Of course, it’s much easier for the player to kill a Witcher. All he has to do is just not touch the controls for a bit.