Kill Titans In Attack On Titan Revolution
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How to kill Titans in Attack on Titan Revolution

Slice the neck.

Titans may seem overwhelming when you first start playing Attack on Titan Revolution, but there are a few pointers that will help you kill them in no time.

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Tips to quickly kill Titans in Attack on Titan Revolution

What it really comes down to is technique, timing, and practice. Once you have these down, you’ll be taking down crowds of Titans with ease. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for Attack on Titan Revolution.

Aiming is everything

When going to take down Titans, it is common to see people aiming for the wrong place. Of course, the neck and legs are weak points, but how you actually hit them is a different matter.

If you look carefully, the Titans actually don’t have a neck, so when killing them, you need to adjust your aim. The best place to aim for when zipping in for a strike is just between the mouth and the top of the chest. aiming for the mouth will result in a fatal blow to the Titan’s neck.

How To Kill Titans In Attack On Titan Revolution
Image: ct_pty/YouTube

If you are coming from behind, I suggest hitting the nape of the neck, just above the shoulders. It has a huge hitbox. This is where you should be aiming for, and with some practice, you can hit it every time.

When executed properly, you won’t even have to fly all around the Titan to kill it in Attack on Titan Revolution, and you can quickly move on to the next one.

Check your Attack on Titan Revolution settings

Getting your settings right can really help with taking down Titans easily. Head into the settings menu from the start page, and check you have yours set right.

  • Hook Assist – This auto positions your hooks, ensuring you get your aim right when hooking Titans and Environment.
  • Hook Detach – Once you have managed to kill a Titan in Attack on Titan Revolution, this setting detaches your hook. With this, you can move from Titan to Titan much more easily.
  • Nape Assist – Turning this setting on will help your hooks attach to the nape or back of the Titans’ neck, which is a weak spot.
  • Camera Shake – Off. This just causes unnecessary camera shake and is a distraction.
Settings Attack On Titan Revolution
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Technique for playing Attack on Titan Revolution

There are a few general tips and tricks that will help you become much better at killing titans.

  • Always use your boost. This is an important one to get around the levels much quicker and start slaying Titans. Speed is the biggest benefit you have over the Titans.
  • Click earlier than you think you should. Sometimes, it may feel that the hitboxes are broken in Attack on Titan Revolution, but actually, it is just because there is time needed to swing and attack. Work on your timing for swing, clicking earlier than seems necessary, and you’ll notice you’re killing Titans a lot easier.
  • Use all the movement. When hooking and flying in Attack on Titan Revolution it is possible to not only use A and D to go side to side, but also use W and S to go up and down. If you hook too low or high, don’t detatch, simply adjust.

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