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How to level up and prestige quickly in Attack on Titan Revolution

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If you’re looking to level up fast in Attack on Titan Revolution to get to the Prestige, there are a few things you should be doing. These range from settings to game modes and should net you a ton of XP in the game.

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How to level up fast in Attack on Titan Revolution

Playing the right game modes and with the correct technique is the key to getting XP quickly in Attack on Titan Revolution. Of course, you want to be a pro at killing Titans too, but we already got you covered.

Play the right game modes

Before you jump right into a game of Attack on Titan Revolution, make sure you’re selecting the right mode. When you enter the game, head to the Create option. Here you will see one of the maps will have a boost enabled. If you want to level up fast, these are the maps to play. These come in Gold boost, Luck boost, and XP boost. They reset every hour.

How to level up and prestige quickly in Attack on Titan Revolution
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It doesn’t stop there. Once you click Create, there is the option to add modifiers. These modifiers will make the game harder in a variety of ways, such as adding fog to the match or increasing Titan’s health. However, they will also provide a lot more XP in Attack on Titan Revolution, resulting in a much faster level-up. I recommend turning them all on.

As you level up your character in AOTR you will eventually be able to play higher rank games. These result in better rewards.

Level up your gear and skills

To get to a higher level and closer to Prestige in Attack on Titan Revolution, you need the gold to spend. I suggest playing tons of high-XP custom games with friends. Playing with friends will complete the objectives much faster and leave you with a ton of gold to spend on your upgrades.

Prestige Attack On Titan Revolution
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Claim your quests

There are a ton of quests to complete in Attack on Titan Revolution that will give you the spins, gems, and gold you need to level up. Make sure to check the tab and claim them all. They refresh all the time, so keep an eye out and stay on top of the daily and weekly challenges.

Should you Prestige in AOTR

Once you reach the right level, the option to Prestige becomes available. But there are some pros and cons…

Is Prestige Worth It Attack On Titan Revolution
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What items do you keep or lose when you Prestige in AOTR

ItemKeep or Lose
GoldConverted into Gems
Gems and SpinsKeep
PerksKeep but reverted to level 1
Levels and SkillpointsReset

Pros of Prestiging in Attack on Titan Revolution

  • Gold is converted to Gems
  • Finish a quest with high rewards
  • Unlocks talents or Memories. These can be luck, gold or XP boosts
  • Increased Family odds
  • Way more Skill Points

Cons of Prestige

  • Lost all levels for character and Perks
  • Start again with XP
  • Lose all gold

All in all, it is worth it to Prestige. The perks are well worth it, and when you do it, you’ll have so much more of the game to enjoy. In the long run, your character will be a lot stronger and have more items and perks to enjoy in Attack on Titan Revolution.

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