How to make the Jade Crystal in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Jade Crystal Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Are you wondering how to make the Jade Crystal in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can complete the Green Potato quest? To complete that quest you must concoct the Crystallized Green Potion, but first, you’ll require two key components, one of which is the Jade Crystal. Securing this ingredient poses a challenge as it involves gathering all 16 Emerald Bottles dispersed across the diverse biomes in the Valley. This can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor, albeit necessary, to obtain the materials needed to craft the Jade Crystal.

How to get the Jade Crystal in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To obtain a Jade Crystal, you must craft it using 16 pieces of Emerald Sliver obtained from Emerald Bottles. You will find Emerald Bottles spread throughout all the biomes of the Valley. If you haven’t collected them yet, don’t worry, as we have a comprehensive guide on how to get all Emerald Bottles in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Emerald Sliver Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once you have gathered all 16 Emerald Bottles using our linked guide, you can easily convert them to Emerald Slivers. All you have to do is access the ‘Use’ option from your inventory window, which will convert your Emerald Bottle into an Emerald Sliver. Repeat this process for all 16 Emerald Bottles and you will unlock the recipe that lets you craft the Jade Crystal.

Jade Crystal Recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You can now craft the Jade Crystal after acquiring the required crafting materials for the recipe. Take all 16 Emerald Slivers from the Emerald Bottles you converted earlier to any workbench. Once there, you see that you unlocked the recipe for the Jade Crystal from your workbench, which you will need to continue with the Green Potato quest.

Now that you have the first half of the Crystallized Green Potion, your next step is to learn how to get the Green Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the second required ingredient.

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