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How to marry Sarah in Starfield

Steamy situations in Starfield.

What’s an RPG without a little bit of romance thrown in? Nothing, that’s what. Luckily, Starfield doesn’t let us down on this front and has at least 4 characters you can marry and have a romantic relationship with. As you work alongside your companions, you will slowly gain, or lose, affinity with them. Getting your friendship high enough, and playing your cards right, can eventually lead to a marriage. Sarah Morgan is one of the 4 you can eventually marry in Starfield; if you know how.

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How to Marry Sarah Morgan

Till death do you part seems a little bit of a problematic term when you have lasers and bullets ripping past your head constantly, and yet, you can still convince Sarah Morgan to tie the knot. As you play through the game and keep her as a companion, she will approve and disapprove of many of your actions. Get enough of them right, and your relationship will slowly improve to the point where she will marry you in Starfield.

Recruit Sarah

Before you begin your quest to marry Sarah in Starfield, you first need to get her on your side. Thankfully, he is one of the first companions you recruit in the game. She will join you just after you start the In The Old Neighborhood mission.

How to marry Sarah in Starfield

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Befriend Sarah

You need to improve your relationship with Sarah in Starfield for her to consider you a valid partner to marry. She enjoys morality and empathy, so go for the soft touch in any option you may have. Try not to mock other groups, and also, stay on the right side of the law. She’s a real goody two shoes.

The best approach is to leave her behind if you’re about to be pretty immoral. Killing, stealing, lawbreaking; just doesn’t get her in a marrying mood.

Complete her personal Starfield questline

This is the most important stage of the quest to marry Sarah in Starfield. In Memorium is Sarah’s main quest. Completing this will open up the option to become more than just friends with her.

Once you have completed this quest and got her to at least the friend stage, you can tell her you love her and then select the romance option. At this point, you can talk to her about marriage, and how could she resist! You’re literally the main character!

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