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How to open the Duck Vault in Roblox The Classic

A final showdown.

The duck has opened up in Roblox The Classic, giving way to the Duck Vault. You’ll need a four-digit code to get through and unlock its secrets.

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How to find the code for the Duck Vault in Roblox The Classic

Unfortunately, I can’t just give you the Duck Vault code, as the numbers are different for all Roblox The Classic servers, so you’ll need to find them yourself. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy, especially if you’ve unlocked the Portals.

Go to the locations I’ve detailed below and either make a note of the number and color or take a picture.

The yellow digit can be found next to the duck at spawn, on the lid.

Roblox The Classic Yellow Number
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The green digit can be found inside the volcano.

Roblox The Classic Green
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The red digit can be found behind The Hunt portal near spawn.

Roblox The Classic Red
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And finally, the blue digit can be found inside the moon on the green truck.

Roblox The Classic Blue
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With all the digits recorded, you can go back to the code at the Duck Vault.

How to unlock the Duck Vault in Roblox The Classic

I’m not going to spoil what’s inside the vault, as it’s pretty cool. But I will tell you how to get inside. With all the numbers and their colors, head inside the open fountain. Oh, but before you do, make sure you’ve got the Rocket Launcher.

Down there, you’ll find a keypad. It can get pretty annoying to operate the keypad with everyone else spamming codes in, so I would suggest you use the chat function to tell them you have the code. They should listen.

The order of the numbers is Red, Blue, Yellow, then Green. You can tell as this is the order of the colored wires, and the order of the colored dots on the wall beyond it.

Input the numbers in order of their color and hit the green tick. You’ll see it turn green, and the vault doors will open.

If you already know what to expect, then don’t worry about going in solo. The difficulty scales based on the number of players, so the more players, the harder it is.

Despite this secret being cool, especially when you find out what’s in the vault, there are actually no cosmetic, Token, or Tix rewards for completing it. It’s purely for the experience and to send off The Classic. I’ve done this twice now, and have received nothing.

This isn’t the only secret in Roblox The Classic, but it’s definitely the coolest.

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