How To Perform A Super Jump In Wuthering Waves
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How to perform a super jump in Wuthering Waves

A leap of faith.

Wuthering Waves players have now discovered how to perform a type of super jump that can launch you further vertically and horizontally than a normal jump. Here’s how to do the jump yourself.

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Wuthering Waves: How to perform a super jump

As seen online through TikTok posts and even the Wuthering Waves subreddit, there’s a cool new super jump that you can do to earn you incredible traversal in the open world. It’s not only great for gaining height, but for a bit of extra distance as well. You can perform this super jump in Wuthering Waves by doing these moves in this order:

  1. Jump
  2. Attack
  3. Dash
  4. Attack
  5. Grapple
  6. Jump

This super jump involves six steps as demonstrated in this video by Seif_88 on the Wuthering Waves subreddit. It’ll be tough at first to replicate, but once you memorize how it works it’ll be a lot easier to perform while exploring the open world.

You must first jump, then attack using left-click on your mouse. This has your character launch a bit further into the air to perform a plunge attack. But before you can complete that attack, press the dash button (right-click on your mouse) to do a backflip.

After your backflip, hit the attack button again, but then have your Grapple Utility out and trigger that. Your Rover will grapple a bit into the air, which I didn’t even know you could do without a grapple point. Finally, after you launch yourself higher with that Grapple, jump to bring out your glider. It’s interesting to see all the cool moves that you can perform just by taking advantage of animation cancels.

Hopefully, you take advantage of this cool trick during your adventures in Wuthering Waves. Otherwise, you should get to know some other moves for combat such as the lock-on, counterattack, parry, and dodge.

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