How to play Dead Island 2 early

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Fans of the widely well-received Dead Island will no doubt be chomping at the bit for the release of Dead Island 2. The game was first announced back in 2014. This left almost a decade for the development team to cram as much zombie-killing brilliance into the release. Finally, as we slowly move closer to the release date, inpatient fans ask, “How can I play Dead Island 2 early?” So, if you really can’t wait for the April 21st debut, there may be one or two options for you to try.

How to play Dead Island 2 early

Dead Island 2 hasn’t come with an early access or demo option, so getting your hands on the game early will be a struggle. However, there are a few methods for accessing the game ahead of time. Some are dumb luck, others require a few years of self-promotion, and one involves time travel. Take a look and see what works for you.


Find a copy in the stores

Sometimes, due to clerical errors, games are sometimes stocked ahead of their release dates. Occasionally they are posted out to pre-order gamers before launch or stocked on shelves early. To improve your chances of this happening, you should perform a sacrificial rite to your chosen deity. Or, you could make friends with your local store clerk.

Become a videogame journalist/influencer

To allow writers and streamers to review games properly, games are given to a select few ahead of launch. Obviously, these early accesses help get the game hyped up and honest reviews to be written up ahead of launch. So, with a few thousand hours of streaming or a degree in a literature-based subject, Dead Island 2 could be yours to play early!

Become a Kiwi to play Dead Island 2 early

For anyone outside New Zealand, a clever little time skip can be utilized to play Dead Island 2 early. This only works on Xbox though. Simply pre-order Dead Island 2, change your console time to the New Zealand timezone, and there you have it. You can now play Dead Island 2 at the New Zealand midnight release time. This translates to 5 am PDT which gives you a full five hours of early playtime.

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