How To Reach The New Power Level Cap In Destiny 2 Lightfall

How to reach the new power level cap in Destiny 2

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Hitting the level cap is at the forefront of most Guardians’ minds. A high level means better loot and more access to the various missions around the map. With the release of the new Lightfall campaign, the cap has been increased from 1590 to a hard cap of 1800; it is even possible to push that level to 1810 with pinnacle gear. This is only reserved for the elite. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how to reach the new power level cap in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

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How to reach the new power level soft cap

The soft cap on Destiny 2: Lightfall is at 1750. Reaching this should be achievable by most players who are willing to put in the time and effort to collect loot. As you progress through the game, the loot dropped in almost every situation will be slightly higher than your currently equipped level, up until the soft cap. Just keep upgrading and equipping until you hit 1750. Welcome to the soft cap. Here are a few events that will keep you loaded with engrams:

  • Raids
  • Random drops
  • Nightfalls
  • Dungeons
  • Mission rewards
  • Crucible events

Pretty much anything you put your time towards will help you achieve that coveted soft cap. It’s just a matter of grinding.

how to reach the new power level cap in Destiny 2

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Reaching the new power level hard cap

This is where things get a little more difficult. If you want to be among the elite and be able to tackle even the hardest of bosses, you can get your teeth into more rewarding events. This cap is another 50 levels and requires a bit more dedication. It is important to note that you can only do these missions once a week. They each drop powerful loot, so save them for when you have hit that soft cap.

  • Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard all now have a chance to drop powerful loot.
  • Nightfall challenges.
  • Dares of Eternity, you will have to complete three.
  • Eight vendor bounties.
  • Random drops.

These powerful rewards will be marked on the events. There will also be events marked with pinnacle rewards. If you want to be the most efficient you can be as you reach the new power level cap in Destiny 2, save these for the next step: the road to the pinnacle cap.

how to reach the new power level cap in Destiny 2

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How to reach the pinnacle cap

This is reserved for the elite. Once you get to this point, there are only a few methods to push toward that final level cap in Destiny 2. Very select parameters within missions will allow pinnacle gear to drop. Here are the methods to reach the level cap in Destiny 2. As with the previous caps, the event will tell you if it drops pinnacle gear and the hoops to jump through.

  • Multiple Vanguard playlists with matching elements.
  • 200,000 Nightfall score.
  • Three Gambit or Crucible playlists.
  • 250 score in a Dares of Eternity.
  • Defeat Prophecy or Spire of The Watcher boss.
  • Beat weekly raid boss.

These are tricky, but if you’re at this level already you should be fine. They are the most time-consuming events and require razor-sharp dedication. Time to get out there and reach the new power level cap in Destiny 2As the game develops, more ways to earn pinnacle gear will emerge, so keep an eye out for those.

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