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How to redeem codes in AFK Arena

Free rewards!

Everyone needs a little push from time to time. And by push, I mean getting free in-game money and powerful gacha characters. Here is how to redeem codes in AFK Arena.

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AFK Arena: How to redeem codes

If you are a returning player or a brand-new one in AFK Arena, you would expect that redeeming codes would be a pretty straightforward in-game activity. Well, those days are gone now. You see, before you were instructed to enter your in-game AFK Arena profile and input all the available codes. It was easy but also a bit annoying due to the UI limitations and stability. Nowadays, redeeming codes in AFK Arena has been completely revamped, so take notes: here is how to redeem codes in AFK Arena:

  • First of all, you need to visit the AFK Arena Redemption page. That is, redemption as in “redeem” codes.
  • Once you visit it, it will ask you for your UID. You can find this by entering the game and clicking on your profile.
  • You will then need to input a Verification Code. Access the AFK Arena setting and click on Verification Code to generate it.
  • Once your profile has been selected and verified, you will be able to input any active code. Just click the Redeem button and your profile will receive the prizes in the in-game mailbox.
  • Be mindful that some codes may fail due to them being disabled, but you will often receive some failure messages due to you claiming codes too close to each other. Just wait a few seconds and redeem them again to receive all the rewards.
Redeem Codes Afk Arena
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Current active AFK Redemption codes (January 2024)

Don2024Awakened Eugene Hero Chests, 20x Common Hero Scrolls
8mjeki46pm1k Diamonds, 3x 8-Hour Dust Chests, 3x 8-Hour Exp Chests, 3x 8-Hour Gold Chests
AFK10040x Common Hero Scrolls
AFKPUMPKIN20x Common Hero Scrolls
6cu3xfrmnd3k Diamonds, Hero EXP, Hero’s Essence
mystery2023Mirror Image
special2023Powers of Reflection
afksummer202310x Hero Scrolls, 3K Diamonds
HAPPY202310x Stargazer Scrolls, 2k Diamonds, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Faction Scrolls
2yqs9jk2qw60x Soulstones, 6-Hour Hero EXP, Gold, Hero’s Essence
AFKRE03x 8-Hour Gold Boosts, 3x 8-Hour Hero Dust, 3x 8-Hour EXP, 1k Diamonds
gravebornGraveborn Sticker
wilderWilder Sticker
maulerMauler Sticker
lightbearerLightbearer Sticker
LUCKY20233k Diamonds, 10x Stargazer Scrolls, Common Hero Scrolls, Time Emblems
afk888300x Diamonds, 20k Gold, 100x Hero’s Essence
misevj66yi60x Rare Hero Soulstones, 500x Diamonds, 5x Common Hero Scrolls
uf4shqjngq30x Common Hero Scrolls

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Be sure to follow the official AFK Arena X handle so that you can stay updated with the latest codes. You will be able to summon many heroes and enjoy the different boosts. If you are a new player, this is a must!

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