What does Engraving Rewind do in AFK Arena?
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What does Engraving Rewind do in AFK Arena?

Repair those costly Engraving mistakes

AFK Arena offers simple gameplay but is full of systems that can be a little confusing. Engraving and the Engraving Rewind event are both part of those. With this in mind, let me answer the question: What does Engraving Rewind do in AFK Arena?

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How Engraving Rewind works in AFK Arena

Engraving Rewind offers players a one-off opportunity to revert a hero’s Eternal Engravings. When Engraving Rewind is used, the hero’s Engravings are removed, and all resources are refunded. Keep in mind that you can only do this once.

Many newer players Engrave heroes without realizing how scarce resources are, and Engraving Rewind is a great way to correct those careless mistakes. You can also remove Engravings from one hero and spend those resources on another stronger character in your roster.

At the time of writing, this feature is the only way to remove Engravings from a hero. Sadly, Engraving Rewind is only available for a limited time, and there’s no telling when it will return.

How to unlock Engravings in AFK Arena

You’ll unlock the Eternal Engravings system upon completing Chapter 21 of the Campaign. This feature can only be used on heroes that have reached 1-Star Ascended rank or higher.

I usually use the targeted summoning banner in the Tavern until my desired hero is 1-Star Ascended. It may not be as exciting as pulling on the random banner, but it helps to get the heroes you need a little faster. If you have any gems left over, Stargazing is a good way to spend them.

What are Engravings in AFK Arena?

Once all prerequisites are met, you can access a hero’s Eternal Engravings by selecting them in the Heroes menu and selecting Engrave.

You can spend resources to complete the Engraving picture, and your hero gains small bonuses each time you do. Significant buffs are earned at Engraving Levels 30, 60, and 80. As Engraving is so expensive, it’s often impractical to go all the way to 80.

What does Engraving Rewind do in AFK Arena?
Image: PC Invasion

Grezhul, for example, gains Deathly Protection at level 60 but only gets a niche PvP buff at 80. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make expensive mistakes, and even though the Engraving Rewind event is helpful, it’s a shame it’s not always accessible. If you’re looking for your next hero to invest in, why not check out our AFK Arena character tier list?

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