How to remove Traits in Starfield

Starfield Remove Traits
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If, after playing Starfield for a bit, you don’t like one of the Traits you picked at the beginning, don’t worry because you can remove Traits. While some Traits are always helpful, some come with a downside too detrimental to bear. Here is how to remove Traits in Starfield.

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Can you remove all Traits in Starfield?

Aside from creating a new character and picking new Traits in Starfield, you can remove many Traits through various methods. From the combined hands-on Starfield experience, we’ve discovered ways to get rid of a handful of Traits. Be warned that removed Traits are permanently removed for the rest of your playthrough.

Dream Home

If you want to get rid of your Dream Home trait and save some extra credits by not making any weekly payments, visit Galbank at New Atlantis’ Commercial District. There you can request the bank to just foreclose the house and take it.

Empath, Spaced, Terra Firma, and Alien DNA

Travel to Reliant Medical on Cydonia. To remove Spaced and Terra Firma, you need to talk to the doctor and select to remove the Trait which costs 10,000 credits. It’s a lot of money, but if you don’t like one of those Traits, spending the money isn’t a bad option.

Hero Worshipped

If you are fed up with your Adoring Fan, you can just tell him to leave you alone. While in dialogue with Adoring Fan, there are many instances where you’ll see the “remove Trait” dialogue option. “Fly home, Buddy. I work alone.” You can also kill Adoring Fan if you’re feeling dark.

Kid Stuff

Find your parents and talk to your dad in New Atlantis. While in conversation with your father, you can select a dialogue option that’s specifically marked as “remove Trait.” Consequently, you’ll tell your parents that you won’t send them money anymore which will lose you the Kid Stuff Trait and break your heart. You can also kill your parents to remove the Kid Stuff Trait, but only a monster would do that.

Neon Street Rat, United Colonies Native, Freestar Collective Settler

To remove these traits you will have to visit and talk to specific NPCs across the game. Go to Ebbside in Neon City and Speak to Madam Sauvage to remove the Neon Street Rat trait. Travel to the Colonial Health and Human Resources in MAST District in New Atlantis and speak to Administrator Rookes. He will help you get rid of your United Colonies Native trait. Speak to Elias Cartwright at Akila City to remove the Freestar Collective Settler.

Raised Enlightened, Raised Universal, Serpent’s Embrace

Speak to Andy Singh, who is seated at the front desk of the House of Enlightenment to remove the Raised Enlightened trait. Visit Keeper Aquillis in the Sanctum to remove your Raised Universal trait. Finally, travel to the UC Security Office and speak to Mir’za to remove the Serpent’s Embrace trait. All of them are located in New Atlantis.

Taskmaster, Extrovert, Introvert

Visit Andy Singh at the House of Enlightenment. Select the specific dialogue options that make reference to the skill and you will be prompted to remove it permanently.


To get rid of your Wanted trait making sure that no Bounty Hunter gives you a hard time anymore, visit any Tracker Alliance Agent located at a main city. Spend 3,000 credits to pay off your bounty and remove your Wanted trait. You can find an agent located just outside of the Church of Enlightenment’s entrance in The Well, New Atlantis.

And there you go! You will be able to remove each of the 17 traits you can equip when creating your character in Starfield. Just make sure you make the right decision. As said above, once removed, you will not be able to get them back. Moreover, you cannot learn any new traits, so choose wisely before picking or removing your traits in Starfield.

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