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How to sell scrap in Lethal Company

One man's trash...

There are moons that are filled with monsters, and all that we care about are discarded items. That’s how the world works, friend! Here is how to sell scrap in Lethal Company.

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Lethal Company: How to sell scrap

During your scavenging adventures through horror-filled moons, you will find valuable items and, well, items that are not as valuable, to say the least. And given the circumstances, these items, also known as scrap, will represent a good chunk of your findings and occupy a decent amount of your inventory’s size. Unfortunately, while you still exploring moons, you will eventually find out that you are completely unable to sell anything. After all, all sentient forms of life will not care about your scrap. They are all set on killing or eating you. Well, that means that you will have to return to the Company Building to sell your scrap in Lethal Company.

Return to the Company Building by accessing your ship’s Terminal and typing, you guessed it, Company Build. You will then fly over there and you will find yourself in front of an orange-lighted counter with a bell on one side. While many games rely on a menu system that will list what a vendor has, his budget, and what you can sell to him, in the case of Lethal Company it is a bit more creative, and weird. You see, you will have to place all of your scraps on the counter first. Then, once all the scrap you wish to sell is located on the counter, ring the bell. Just ring it once or twice, though! If you abuse the bell, then a giant tentacle will take you or one of your fellow scavengers.

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Be sure to visit the Company Building once the quota deadline reaches zero. This will translate into 100% sell value, which will maximize your total earnings. Keep the scrap coming and you will get rich, as long as you don’t die by exploring moons or getting mauled by a giant tentacle.

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