Wuthering Waves Perspective Bender
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How to solve Perspective Bender Domain puzzles in Wuthering Waves

Ground pound!

Another domain in Wuthering Waves, another challenge to complete. Here is how to solve all Perspective Bender domain puzzles and complete the Configurational Truth challenge in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to solve Perspective Bender Domain puzzles

Before you start worrying about the Perspective Bender domain puzzles in Wuthering Waves, you will first have to complete the Restart the Radar side quest found in Rearguard Base. At the same time, side quests will only unlock once you complete the Ominous Star main quest in the game. Once you do both of these requirements, the entrance to the Perspective Bender domain will open. It is located near Camp Overwatch, northwest of the Withering Frontline.

Wuthering Waves Perspective Bender Location
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Wuthering Waves Perspective Bender Entrance
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Wuthering Waves Configurational Truth
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Perspective Bender Domain Puzzle #1

Once you get inside, you will immediately face the domain’s main mechanic: match the tiles. You will see a pattern in the door in front of you which you will have to match with the tiles on the floor. To change said tiles, perform a plunging attack. To do this, just do a basic attack in mid-air. In this first puzzle, hit the dotted tile to solve it.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 1
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Perspective Bender Domain Puzzle #2

The second part of the puzzle will be introduced in the next room. Interact with the device to activate a rotating mechanism that will rotate the whole room in front of you. There are some tiles and a chest in this room. Rotate clockwise twice to get the chest and then return to the device to rotate the room clockwise two more times.

Wuthering Waves Device
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Hit all three dotted tiles in the ground to open up the door in front of you. You will arrive at a room with a Flobble which will launch you into the air. Do so to get to a similar room with another rotating device.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 2
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Perspective Bender Domain Puzzle #3

Rotate the room clockwise only once so that the opening is set at the right. Inside you will find another set of tiles in the flow, with the pattern to replicate right in front of you. Match it by hitting the dotted tile and an opening will be revealed.

Wuthering Waves Rotating Room 2
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Wuthering Waves Puzzle 3
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Here, fight the TD enemies in the room so that you can collect a Tidal Heritage. Return to the room and rotate the room clockwise once more to leave an opening on the bottom. You will find another Flobble that will shoot you up to another room filled with TD enemies. Beat them and move forward to find the final puzzle of the domain.

Wuthering Waves Td Fight 1
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Wuthering Waves Flobble
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Wuthering Waves Td Fight 2
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Perspective Bender Domain Puzzle #4

This room is a bit more confusing than the ones before. After you enter it, interact with the Stone Tablet that is being highlighted and then with the rotating device. Turn the room clockwise twice which will end up lining up the two openings on the side with the bottom half of tide patterns inscribed on the inner and outer walls as seen below.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 4
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Wuthering Waves Puzzle 4 Room
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The solution to the puzzle might seem overly complicated, but all you have to do is hit all the white tiles in all three patterns in the walls above. It does not matter if one of them does not feature the white tiles, hit them anyway if they appear white in the other patterns on the walls. This will end up with you hitting four tilesthe two in the northwest and the two in the northeast of the pattern.

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 4 Solution
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you do so, a chest filled up with items such as Shell Credits and Astrites will appear. Collect it and interact with the portal to leave the domain and get back to the open world. The hardest challenge of this challenge is by far the last room, but I hope that my explanation makes sense to you! If not, then just match the tiles with the pic above and enjoy your rewards.

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