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Destiny 2 Overthrow guide: Tiers, chests, and all rewards explained

Nothing like farming kills with a purpose.

Get ready to defeat all those enemies walking around the Pale Heart in Destiny 2. Here is everything you need to know about the Overthrow activity, including its tiers, chests, and rewards.

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What is the Overthrow activity in Destiny 2? Tiers and scoring, explained

Overthrow is an overworld activity that will take place either at The Blooming, The Impasse, or The Landing right after completing the main campaign. Wherever you are in the Pale Heart, you are automatically and always engaging in the Overthrow activity. You can also matchmaker if you don’t want to do it alone.

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Overthrow is quite simple at a simple glance: kill enemies, gain points, and collect your rewards. However, there are several interesting things you need to know beforehand. There are a total of three different tiers you can face in Overthrow, with each of them unlocking after collecting a total of 1,000 points.

  • Destiny 2 Special Objectives
  • Destiny 2 Boss

However, if you just keep shooting at any Taken or Hive enemies you see, you will notice that the score only moves up by one point per kill. This is because kills are tallied differently depending on what type of enemy you defeat, with high-value targets granting you extra points.

Not only that, but you will be able to take part in several special objectives across the area that will often have you face a horde of enemies and a mini-boss for a total of around 450 points per special objectiveyou can find them in the area as blue markers.

The difficulty of the enemies and objectives will increase per each tier and once you complete tier 3, you will face an Overthrow boss. The identity of said boss will depend on the region of the map you are located at.

Destiny 2: Overthrow chests and rewards

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If you are following the post-campaign content in The Final Shape, you will come across several quests that will require you to find and open Overthrow chests to continue throughout their quest steps.

The only ones that count toward the objective are the chests that will drop whenever you complete a special objective in Overthrow areas. This can be confusing because there are traditional chests as well as event chests — for events such as Stitching — in the area that you can mistake for Overthrow ones.

Destiny 2 Red Border Weapon
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By opening these chests, you will be able to collect a variety of priced rewards that will certainly make your The Final Shape experience very valuable. Here is the list of things you can expect to receive — if you are lucky enough — by opening Overthrow chests:

  • Blessing Destination Mods
  • Exotic Class Items
  • Glimmer
  • Legendary Engrams
  • Luminescent Seeds
  • Pale Heart Weapons

If you choose to focus on completing special objectives, you will be able to both open lots of treasure chests as well as get the latest legendary weapons introduced in The Final Shape. You can even find Deepsight or Red Border versions of these guns so you can craft them and customize them to your needs, so it is definitely a decent way to farm those.

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