How to solve the Ancient Mines puzzle in Diablo 4

How to solve the Ancient Mines puzzle in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is a great way to lose hours of your life without realizing it. The top-down RPG not only offers a gripping core storyline but also provides almost endless distractions along the way. I have lost days into the game simply by getting sidetracked by quests that I think will only take a minute and end up spiraling into long, deep plotlines. One of my favorite quick hitter sidequests, though, are the cellars; these are guaranteed to be nice and fast and net me some good loot. Most are simply a case of killing enemies, but the Ancient Mines puzzle in Diablo 4 is slightly different.

How to solve the Ancient Mines puzzle in Diablo 4

When I first encountered this Ancient Mines puzzle, it took me a while to figure it out. I could make out the symbols on the chest and the floor but could not work out how to activate them for the life of me. Every time I stood on a tile, it would blast me back and damage me with a set of incapacitating effects. I cracked the Ancient Mines puzzle through trial and error and a few health potions.

How to solve the Ancient Mines puzzle in Diablo 4

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First, identify the three symbols on the Chest. Locate the corresponding symbols on the floor. Then, step on the one that matches the one on the far left of the chest. Immediately dash away from the symbol as it will still activate and explode. If you are caught in the Ancient Mines explosion, you will be damaged and have to start the chest again. Do the same for the other two symbols, ensuring you dash out of the damage radius before it explodes.

Once you have stepped on all three of the Ancient Mines pieces, you will have solved the Diablo 4 puzzle. And now, you will be awarded the sweet, sweet loot inside.


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