How to solve the blocks puzzle in The Last Faith

How to solve the blocks puzzle in The Last Faith
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The puzzle with the four blocks and statues in The Last Faith is the first one you will come across in the game. After slashing and rolling for so long, it can take you off-guard a little.

This puzzle had me thinking for a little while. My mind was not in a riddle kind of space. I was much more focused on dodge rolling and finding my way around the many twisting passages of The Last Faith. The blocks puzzle, despite being a little tricky, was a welcome reprieve from the high-octane experience so far.

The secret of the blocks puzzle riddle in The Last Faith

When you first enter the puzzle area with the four blocks, statues, and hidden switches, you need to look for the riddle at the top of the room. This is the secret to the correct order you must push the blocks around. The riddle reads: “Take up the blade, and cut through the veil: Your head shall be pierced by a truth unfathomable. But first, take heed, protect your soul! At last, the reward is a mind split in two, the cosmos spilling forth.” In this riddle lies the answer to the puzzle.

How to solve the blocks puzzle in The Last Faith
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To successfully open the blocks puzzle in The Last Faith, push the blocks in this order:

  1. Shield
  2. Sword
  3. Spear
  4. Axe

If you have got it right, you will be able to activate the button right at the bottom of the room. This, in turn, opens up the door at the top left of the room. You can grab the skull from here and return it to the altar to continue with The Last Faith.

If this is only the first skull you have collected, then head right into the next room. You won’t have a puzzle to solve here, only a bunch of enemies to destroy. You will have to make your way along the bottom of the room and double back on yourself to get the next skull in The Last Faith.

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