How to solve the Esk Mansion mirror puzzle in The Last Faith

How to solve the Esk Mansion mirror puzzle in The Last Faith
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The mirror puzzle in Esk Mansion could easily have you scratching your head in The Last Faith. The clues to the answer are well-hidden. However, once you know where they are, it all falls into place.

Finding the clues

This is what took me the longest to figure out. I had worked my way up the various levels, entered into each room on the sides, and killed the various enemies. However, the door leading out of the room, the only one to continue with The Last Faith, was still closed.

Walking through the corridors again, I reentered each of the rooms and noticed the three different enemies had respawned. Here lies the first clue to The Last Faith mirror puzzle. I went back to the top floor, where I found three mirrors. Looking at them from a specific angle shows the vague form of each of the respawning enemies.

From left to right, I had to kill the enemies shown in the murky glass.

Mirror puzzle order in The Last Faith

To open the door at the top of the series of floors, you must first kill the witch on the top left, followed by the tentacle monster on the middle right floor. Finally, to open the door and solve the mirror puzzle, you need to slay the grabbing snake on the middle left floor.

How to solve the Esk Mansion mirror puzzle in The Last Faith
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If you have already killed one of them, you can reset the room by entering and exiting on the bottom floor. This will only respawn the room enemies and reset the mirror puzzle in The Last Faith.

Once you have successfully killed the enemies for the mirror puzzle in this exact order, you will gain access to the next part of The Last Faith. Beware, it gets challenging from here. Now, you will be pitted against waves of enemies and waving tentacles that are able to deliver nightmare damage.

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