Ooblets Wishy Well

One of the most valuable resources any Ooblets fan can earn is Wishies. They can be used at the Wishy Well to unlock upgrades and items that will help you along your journey in Badgetown. As upgrades are available for different prices at the Ooblets Wishy Well, it is important to prioritize the best upgrades first. As you level up, you will be able to access more upgrades. Also, some upgrades require you to unlock prior ones first.

There are many ways you can earn Wishies to spend at the Ooblets Wishy Well

Perhaps the most effective way to earn Wishies is by completing challenges at the Dance Barn. Here, you can enter your Ooblets into a dance battle and earn up to 170 Wishies with each battle. If you do not have a dance barn, it is definitely a worthy investment. It costs a total of four clothlets, one oobsidian, 20 plankets, 12 nurnies, and 300 gummies to unlock.

Another way to earn Wishies is by completing challenges around Badgetown. Completing three tasks per day has the potential to earn you 5 to 20 Wishies. Although this can be a slow way of earning Wishies, it can be an effective way to keep adding more Wishies to your total each day. In addition, you can earn Wishies by completing tasks assigned by Mayor Tinsdale each day. The number of Wishies you earn from these tasks is determined by what level you play them on. The higher the level, the more Wishies you will earn upon completion.


Spending your Wishies effectively can help you level up faster

Once you have gathered a high amount of Wishies, its time to spend them at the Wishy Well. The main objective of the game is to collect as many Ooblets as possible. Also, unlocking oobcoops is the key to being able to collect more Ooblets. Oobcoops are also important to speed up farming and they can be upgraded, meaning the oobcoop blueprint is a worthy investment. Once you have more oobcoops, therefore you will be able to house more Ooblets and scan them to earn more Gummies.

Additionally, another useful upgrade you can make at the Wishy Well is the upgrade to Meed’s seed shop. Once it is upgraded, you will have the ability to purchase more seeds and resources for your farm.

Why spend Wishies at the Wishy Well?

Personal upgrades are useful as they can increase the productivity of your character. An example of this is the Beanjuice recipe that gives your character more energy and a faster running speed. Lastly, you can expand the space that is available on your farm using Wishies. The more space you have, the more crops and resources you can grow and earn.

Of course, there are many other upgrades that can be made at the Ooblets Wishy Well, depending on your play style. If you prefer to unlock cosmetics in order to express yourself, this can also be done using Wishies. Recently, the developers implemented a hotfix which made many clothing options which were stuck behind a bug accessible. If possible, you should avoid spending valuable Wishies on resources such as clothlets, as these materials can be farmed and discovered around Badgetown.

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