How to stop coughing in Starfield

Starfield Injector Cures Lung Damage And Other Afflictions
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The developers responsible for Starfield, a game about exploring the stars and traveling from planet to planet, found ways to add doses of reality. For instance, if your character breathes in harmful vapors, they may develop a nasty cough. This affects the adventure more than you might initially realize, but there’s a cure. Here’s our guide telling you how to stop coughing in Starfield.

Starfield – how to stop coughing

During the early hours of your adventure, a lot of messages pop up on your screen without making a lot of sense. There’s enough to keep track that you might not make connections between certain events. If you’re not paying attention, you might not even notice some of the ailments that hit you. But a sharp cough is hard to miss, and it’s an affliction you should deal with quickly, once you’ve removed yourself from whatever environment caused it. To stop coughing, treat the Lung Damage symptom with a First Aid item, or see a medical professional.

Starfield Coughing Acute Lung Damage Symptom

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The overall Lung Damage affliction can produce multiple symptoms. The ‘Cough’ symptom deals sporadic 02 damage and may cause enemies to detect you when you’re hoping to be super stealthy. Besides that, it’s just annoying. I hate when my character has a cough and I am trying to enjoy a pivotal dialog scene. When I met with members of the Ryujin Industries board members, for instance, I coughed every few seconds. They didn’t say anything, but it definitely cut into the drama.

Multiple items treat Lung Damage and eliminate the Cough symptom. The most common ones are various Injector items. Their price varies depending on whether they are boosted or not. You can also use Snake Oil. Either one should immediately remove all related symptoms. Happily, you can produce these items yourself, once you have devoted enough skill points to Chemistry and have resources to research items and equipment.

Medical professionals can also eliminate the Cough symptom. Simply visit a clinic in one of the major cities. For fewer than 1000 credits, you can eliminate all current ailments, including Lung Damage and that pesky Cough. I don’t tend to use this option often, because it’s so easy to buy or make solutions myself while spending less money. Medical professionals even sell such supplies, so you can have a cure ready at all times.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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