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How to stop Fortnite from crashing on Xbox

Another season, another problem.

Every new season and chapter of Fortnite has tons to do and explore. The same goes for Chapter 5 of the Season 2. But with all the fun always comes a little pain like all the new and exciting error codes that spring up. The latest chapter has plagued Xbox users with problems like crashes. You can find the solutions below to learn how to stop Fortnite from crashing on the Xbox. 

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Fortnite: How to stop it from crashing on the Xbox

The good thing about this error is that it’s not serious and can be fixed in a few ways. However, because this issue only appears on the Xbox, your options may be limited. We’ll go over some tried and tested methods below so you can get back to earning all the accolades in Season 2 of Fortnite.

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Ways to stop the game from crashing

  • Updating your console: Updating the console is probably the first thing you should do to see if that fixes the issue. This is because Fortnite needs the latest firmware to run on all platforms, and Xbox follows that rule. 
  • Clearing Cache: This method seems to have a high success rate. The files your console saves over time may cause the performance of Fortnite to degrade over time. By clearing out the cache, you give the device breathing room. To remove the cache, head to Settings and then System. Within this menu, look for the Storage Device option. Don’t press it, but rather press Y on your controller over it. You’ll get a Device Options menu. Look for Clear Cache. Once that’s done, head out to the main screen and load up Fortnite. It should run smoothly when you do this correctly.
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  • Reinstalling Fortnite: Sometimes by giving the game a fresh install, you can remove the files that are causing Fortnite to crash. This step can also fix other issues as well. However, reinstall the game after you have exhausted the options above. 
  • Check if Fortnite has any issues: More often than not, the problem arises from Fortnite. If that’s the case, check their support page to see if others are facing the crashing problem. You can also get updates from patches and other information regarding the game’s stability. So Epic Games could put out a Tweet regarding the crash. Keep your eyes peeled for that. 

If you manage to get back into Fortnite and don’t face any more problems, I recommend trying to go up against Cerberus. He can be a problem, but with our guide, you can beat him with ease. 

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