Quickest way to get accolades for Chapter 5, Season 2 in Fortnite
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Quickest way to get accolades for Chapter 5, Season 2 in Fortnite

Racking up the points.

Grabbing accolades in Fortnite can be confusing. They are often part of the milestones log, but what they are is not really explained. However, this guide will help you achieve a lot of accolades quickly for Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2.

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What are accolades in Fortnite?

Accolades are different from the quests and milestones you have to achieve in Fortnite. They are awarded throughout your gameplay for completing various small missions. These can be things like getting the first kill, surviving until the final ten, or even being the first to kill an animal on a map.

There is no list of accolades in Fortnite, so knowing how to achieve them can be a little confusing. However, by simply playing the game, you are sure to rack up a few. At the end of every match, you can switch to the Match Stats tab at the top of your end game screen and it will show you all the accolades you managed to earn.

Quickest way to get accolades for Chapter 5, Season 2 in Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Each accolade earned in Fornite gives a boost to XP. So, the more you get, the quicker you will level up. Finding the easiest accolades to get and focusing on them will have you flying through the battle pass.

Some of the easiest accolades to get in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2

If you want to complete your Milestones quickly, you can burn through these accolades. They can be completed in no time, and should have you racking up that score in Fortnite.


Hunting Wildlife is super easy and a quick way to earn accolades in Fortnite.

  • Alpha Predator – The First player in the match to hunt wildlife.
  • Open Season – 3 wildlife hunted in a match.
  • Game Keeper – 6 wildlife hunted in a match.


You’re going to be looting anyway. These are a few quick ways to get those XP points.

Quickest way to get accolades for Chapter 5, Season 2 in Fortnite
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These are a little harder to get, but they award more XP and should get you closer to the accolades Milestone in Fortnite. Just get yourself some good weapons first.

  • Headshot – Knock or elimination with a headshot.
  • AR Specialist – 250 Assault Rifle damage in a match.
  • Demolition Specialist – Destroy 50 structures.
  • Shotgun Specialist – 250 Shotgun damage in a match.
  • Sniper Specialist – 250 Sniper damage in a match.
  • SMG Specialist – 250 SMG damage in a match.


These accolades are various milestones to meet in Fortnite.

  • First Landing – Be the first player to touch the ground in a match.
  • Survivor 1-3 – These correspond to surviving as more and more other players die.
  • Hired Gun – Have your follower down an opponent.
  • Quit Exit – This is a bit of a sad one. You get this commiseration accolade by being the first to die on a Fortnite map.

There’s a ton of new stuff coming to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, so read our guide on the season’s roadmap to learn all about the upcoming bosses, Mythics, and collabs coming up.

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