How to turn off the slamming platforms in The Last Faith

How to turn off the slamming platforms in The Last Faith
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The slamming platforms in The Last Faith are going to turn you into paté quite often, and that gets annoying. However, they can be turned off by going to the right spot on the map.

These slamming platforms are going to test your roll and run capabilities to the max. I found myself throwing the character into the same ones too many times before I realized I could just turn them off. This saved me a lot of frustration in the long run. However, you’re still going to need to be able to navigate the maze before you succeed.

Turn off the Slamming Platforms Generator

The generator for the slamming platforms is, of course, located right at the far end of the maze in The Last Faith. You’re going to have to navigate around enemies, the electrifying pools, and the slamming platforms to get to it. You will find the generator by making your way through the maze along the bottom of the area.

How to turn off the slamming platforms in The Last Faith
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Once you have made your way far enough, you will notice a number of slamming platforms that seem to be moving too fast. These are not navigatable, so drop down beneath them. Here you will find some that are a little easier to roll through. However, these ones are also plagued by electricity pools.

Wait until the slamming platforms and the shocking pools have matched up before rolling forward in The Last Faith. Getting this wrong will always result in death. If you have become electrocuted, simply wait it out until it has depleted.

Once you have made your way through the electric pools and slamming platforms in The Last Faith, you can climb the ladders at the end. Beware, there is another enemy waiting for you at the top, so ensure you have all your health topped up.

Once you have defeated the enemy, you can attack the generator to turn off the platforms. You will find a switch in the next area between the previous two fast-moving slamming platforms. This will open up the next area in The Last Faith.

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