How to unlock all six characters in Death Must Die
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How to unlock all six characters in Death Must Die

No arguments, Skadi is the best.

Death Must Die has a lovable cast of characters whose personalities grow as you interact with them. Each fighter also has unique skills and gear options. Ultimately, you want them all, so here’s how to unlock all six characters in Death Must Die.

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How to unlock every character in Death Must Die

You can unlock each character in Death Must Die through regular gameplay. We don’t have exact numbers, but unlocks seem to be based on how much time you’ve spent on runs. Your character choices don’t seem to matter, either. I tried every character when I unlocked them, but I frequently went back to using Avoron and quickly had the entire roster.

Here’s every character in the game and the order they unlock:

  • Avoron – Knight
  • Merris – Sorceress
  • Nixi – Assassin
  • Kront – Barbarian
  • Skadi – Warrior
  • Lorien – Ranger

I didn’t keep track of my playtime when I unlocked every character, but according to Steam, I played for just over five Hours by the time I had Skadi. I got Lorien roughly an hour afterward. So keep playing, and you can unlock the entire roster in a couple of sessions. Keep in mind that time spent at the camp doesn’t count toward unlocks, so you must be playing to get new characters.

Who is the best beginner character in Death Must Die?

You can win with any character in Death Must Die, but Merris feels particularly strong early on. Her ranged attacks allow her to avoid enemy threats and still deal damage, although she may have to take risks to grab those valuable EXP Shards.

How to unlock all six characters in Death Must Die
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I recommend using some gear with increased Pull Range, as Shards will magnetize to Merris from a distance. Merris also has a few skills in her Constellarium Tree that increase pull range, like Astral Warp.

There are plenty of Bullet Heaven games on the market, but few handle stories as well as Death Must Die, making it stand out in the genre.

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