How to unlock all Rosary Bead slots in Blasphemous 2

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Rosary Beads are a key component of your Blasphemous 2 arsenal. Each bestows a different passive benefit, ranging from simple elemental defense boosts to increases in the amount of currency earned from combat. All of these Beads are useful, but to start with you’ll only have one slot available in which to equip them. Fear not, however, for you can unlock up to four more Rosary Bead slots in Blasphemous 2, and this guide will show you how.

How to stretch out your Rosary Beads in Blasphemous 2

In order to unlock extra Rosary Bead slots, you’ll need to visit a character called Sagrario, located in the Streets of Wakes area of the map. You’ll find her in a room in the same cluster where you’ll find the giant floating hand and the room full of grieving nuns, next to a Prie Dieu altar. After speaking to her, she’ll tell you how she can increase your Rosary Bead capacity in exchange for items called Abandoned Rosary Knots. There are four of these in the game in total, and their locations are as follows:

Abandoned Rosary Knot 1

Location: Profundo Lamento

Requirements: Forgotten Tribute Key Item, Ivy of Ascension ability

The first Abandoned Rosary Knot you’ll find is next to the Prie Dieu you encounter after you travel with the Procession of Shadows for the first time. You’ll find this mysterious group on the left side of the Choir of Thorns area, in a room accessible with the Ivy of Ascention ability, and they’ll offer to take you with them in exchange for an item called Forgotten Tribute.

There are three of these available in the game, but the easiest to find is at the entrance to the Sea of Ink, accessible early on from an elevator in Profundo Lamento. After paying the toll, you’ll be taken to a new section of Profundo Lamento, where a Prie Dieu and an Abandoned Rosary Knot await you.

Abandoned Rosary Knot 2

Location: Elevated Temples

Requirements: Veredicto Weapon

From the leftmost Prie Dieu in the Elevated Temples area, head up one floor and through the first door on your right. Fight your way through the enemies in your way as you move right through a series of rooms, using the Veredicto mace to solve a platforming puzzle in the last of them. After this, head down the ladder, smash the glass orb to unlock a shortcut, then head left and do the same again. The second Abandoned Rosary Knot will be on the ground next to the door you’ve just opened.

Abandoned Rosary Knot 3

Location: Sacred Entombments

Requirements: Veredicto Weapon, Ivy of Ascension and Passage of Ash Abilities.

The next Abandoned Rosary Knot can be found in the Sacred Entombments, one of the first areas you’ll visit in the game. You won’t be able to grab this Knot until much later, however, when you’ve recovered the Passage of Ash ability from Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, and finally unlocked the ability to double-jump.

Once you have, head to the top-right room of the Sacred Entombments, and use your new double-jump in combination with the Ivy of Ascension to climb up onto a ledge. Here, you’ll find the third Abandoned Rosary Knot.

Abandoned Rosary Knot 4

Location: City of the Blessed Name

Requirements: 12,000 Tears of Atonement

The final Abandoned Rosary Knot can be found in the game’s hub area, the City of the Blessed Name. Over on the right side of town, you’ll find a shop run by a giant hand, submerged in a pile of goods. From the start of the game she’ll sell you a variety of items, one of which is an Abandoned Rosary Knot, for an eye-watering 12,000 Tears of Atonement. It may sound like a lot of money, particularly in the early game, but an extra Rosary Bead slot is very powerful, and well worth the investment.

Always remember to visit Sagrario after finding a new Knot, as she’ll be able to increase your Rosary Bead capacity by one for each Knot you give her. Now that you know how to unlock all the available Rosary Bead slots in Blasphemous 2, you’ll be able to equip more of your favorite Rosary Beads at once, and steel yourself for any challenge that may come your way.

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