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How to unlock Game is Love Blueprint through Discord in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

It's even animated!

Every so often Modern Warfare 3 gives us free stuff like the LGBTQ+ Camos. Now, again, we’re gifted with even more freebies. If you read this guide, we can show you how to unlock the Game is Love Blueprint through Discord in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). 

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Modern Warfare 3 (MW3): How to unlock the Game is Love Blueprint through Discord

As you can already tell, you need Discord to get this Blueprint. This is great because, unlike other premium skins such as the Fallout collab, you don’t have to drop a dime. However, you can only do this on the computer. So, if you are planning to get the Blueprint via the Discord App, it won’t work. It needs to be done through the desktop client

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Now, open up Discord on your computer and head to the Gift Inventory tab. I had a hard time finding this section. It’ll be in the Settings of Discord. When you’re in the Settings menu, look for the Gift Inventory tab on the left. Upon clicking on it, you’ll see that you have one Quest from Modern Warfare 3. Simply press Accept Quest, and it should automatically get tracked.

How to win the Blueprint

We have the Quest tracked, now we have to get the Blueprint. This is the easy part.  All you have to do is play MW3 for about 15 minutes. I suggest playing bigger or longer modes like War Game or Kill Confirmed. Try to get into matches that are more spaced out, meaning, don’t play on maps like Rust.

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It also seems that you have to stream MW3 to someone else. So find a friend that has 15 minutes to waste and watch you play. However, it also seems like if you’re on a call alone, you might also get away with it. I can’t confirm this as I’ve not tried it yet, but I can imagine this working too. 

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