Cod X Fallout
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CoD x Fallout: Skins, bundles, release date, and event details for Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone

Steppin' out the vault in style.

Thanks to leakers, we now know about the CoD and Fallout collab that’ll be adding skins and other cosmetics to the game. Here’s everything we know.

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CoD x Fallout event details

Thanks to a leaked promotional image, we know that CoD not only plans to collab with Fallout, but it’s been in the works for a while.

In the promotional image, which is all we have for now, we can see some of the main characters (Soap, Ghost, Captain Price, and Gaz) donning the blue and gold outfit of the Vault Dwellers. Interestingly, they are standing in front of Vault 141, which doesn’t officially exist in the canon, or at least it hasn’t been mentioned in any official Fallout media.

We can expect to get skins and bundles like with the Warhammer 40K event, and that’s likely about it.

As more info drops, I’ll be there to update you about it.

CoD x Fallout release date

We currently have no release date revealed or leaked for the CoD x Fallout collab. It’ll likely happen soon, naturally, but we’re not sure how soon.

Until more gets leaked or revealed, all we can do is wait.

CoD x Fallout skins and bundles

Considering the one promotional image is all we’ve got, we can only extrapolate a little information about the skins and bundles in the CoD x Fallout collab.

We know that we’re on track to get the Vault Jumpsuits as outfits and a blue and yellow weapon camo, but that’s it.

Again, until more is revealed, we can only speculate on what skins and camos we’ll receive in this collab.

Equipped with all we know so far, make sure to check back regularly to keep on the pulse. I’ll be promptly updating this page as we get more intel. For now, though, you can focus on Modern Warfare 3 Season 4.

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