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How to unlock the Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment

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The first major update for Halls of Torment is finally upon us, after a lengthy spell in a beta branch. It brings with it a host of new features, improvements, and balance changes, but most exciting of all it introduces two new playable characters you can face down the endless hordes with. The first of these is the Beast Huntress, a unique ranged attacker who comes with a handy hound companion for support, both emotional and physical. If you want to add this fearsome friend to your roster, read on to learn how to unlock the Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment.

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How to recruit the Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment

Head to the Frozen Depths

How To Unlock The Beast Huntress In Halls Of Torment Frozen Depths

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To unlock the Beast Huntress, you’ll need to defeat the Basilisk, the first major boss of the new map, the Frozen Depths. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, this map will likely be unlocked for you already, but if it isn’t you can unlock it by defeating the Frost Knight boss in the Forgotten Viaduct.

Once you’ve unlocked it, pick your best character and get stuck into the run. The Basilisk will show up when 22 minutes remain, so you have eight minutes of prep time before you’ll need to take it on. Prioritize Traits that improve your movement speed and range during this time, since those will make the battle to come much more manageable.

Slay the Basilisk

How To Unlock The Beast Huntress In Halls Of Torment Basilisk 2

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When the Basilisk arrives, you’ll likely see its attacks before you see the beast itself. It has a varied arsenal of attacks, including long-range arcing bombs, purple waves, and a dual stream of fire that it performs at close range. The first two are easy enough to dodge, but the fire streams are where the real difficulty of this fight comes in. It’s easy to be reduced from full health to nothing if you get caught in this attack, so it’s absolutely vital that you avoid it at all costs.

How To Unlock The Beast Huntress In Halls Of Torment Basilisk 1

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The best way to do this is to move away from the Basilisk as soon as you see the attack beginning. Since it’s slow to spread out initially, you’ll almost always have time to get out of range, where you can much more reliably avoid damage than you can up close. This is where the movement speed and range Traits we mentioned above come in: if you invest into them early, you’ll be able to quickly dart out of range while still keeping up your own damage on the Basilisk at the same time, ensuring your victory if you can keep a cool head.

Try out the Beast Huntress!

How To Unlock The Beast Huntress In Halls Of Torment In Use

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Once the Basilisk falls, you’ll unlock the Beast Huntress for use in your future runs. She has two unique attributes: her base weapon, which is a long-range spear that pierces through enemies and inflicts the new Frost status; and her hound companion, a summoned creature that automatically attacks any enemies that get too close. There are a lot of options when it comes to viable builds for this character, including a Frost-focused build, a pure ranged build, and a Summon build that dips into Warlock traits and accessories.

Now that you know how to unlock the Beast Huntress in Halls of Torment, the choice of how to play her is yours. Try her out in your runs, be they normal or Agony Mode versions, and you’re sure to find something to love in her unique playstyle.

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